FoxJet Labeling Systems

The FoxJet Labeling Series are built for reliability and cost savings. The use of servo-driven motors provides more precise accuracy and better repeatability than the traditional pneumatic counterparts; all while freeing you from the dependence of shop air and all the maintenance issues that comes with it. In addition, eliminating the use of air also means less adjustments and more up-time, which translates to high throughput and a faster payback for you.

FoxJet’s labeler series is capable of matching production speeds of 800 units per minute for application of pre-printed labels and 110 per minute for print and apply applications. Both accommodate a wide variety of label shapes and sizes and are great options for product labeling, case labeling, and pallet labeling.


FoxJet Labeling Series Brochure


Blow Tamp
Corner Wrap
WASA (Wipe apply and Side apply)
FASA (Front apply and Side apply)
Roll On
High Speed
Swing Arm
Wipe On