About Us

Pak-Tec provides end-of-line packaging solutions with a highly specialized focus in adhesive, case erecting, labeling, marking, and coding technologies. Family-owned and operated for 45 years, Pak-Tec has established itself as a leading industrial packaging partner across the nation.

Our Culture:

  • Customer-Centric: Customer happiness and trust is paramount; it is at the forefront of every action we take and every decision we make. The customer’s interest comes first and it always will.  Our mission is to spoil our customers.
  • Commitment to the Partnership: This Company was built on close, collaborative relationships with our customers. We find success with your success; we remain engaged throughout and go the extra-mile to ensure that we are always a value-added member of your team.
  • People make the difference: Pak-Tec has a world-class product offering; however, we know the true difference-maker is our brilliant and dedicated team of professionals. We are passionate about what we do and it shows every day.

Mission Statement:

“Pak-Tec builds problem-solving partnerships with our willing customers to enhance their productivity and product quality.”

Industries Served:

  • General Packaging
  • Candy & Confectionery
  • Produce
  • Book Binding
  • Beverage & Bottling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Dairy & Eggs
  • Cosmetics
  • Other Manufacturing
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Prepared Foods
  • Product Assembly
  • Sanitary/Diaper
  • Canning
  • Pipe Extrusion
  • Medical Products
  • Produce
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Nonwoven
  • Tobacco
  • Construction Materials
  • Mattress Fabrication
  • Carpet and Flooring
  • Food Processing
  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Wire & Cable
  • Baked Goods
  • Chemical
  • Paper Conversion

Join Our Team

Interested in joining the Pak-Tec team? Submit your resume along with a brief message about yourself. We are always looking for more dedicated professionals to join our growing and talented team.