End-Of-Line Packaging Systems

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End-of-line packaging can drastically impact your product quality, total production throughput, and overall profitability. As a distributor specializing in end-of-line packaging, Pak-Tec is in a unique position to provide complete, fully automated packaging systems.

We have the ability to meet all of your needs: product marking, material handling, case erectors, case sealers, case coding, tray formers, labeling, robotic palletizing, integrated controls, and verification systems.

Stretch Wrapping

Stretch Wrappers / Pallet Wrappers

Robopac USA is the global leader in the stretch wrapping industry. Our line of...

Palletizing Technology


Gain efficiencies, increase output, and save floor-space with by automating your palletizing process. Pak-Tec...

Integrated Packaging Lines

Our partnership with Klippenstein Corporation positions us to provide a complete end-of-line packaging solution...

Verification and Control Systems

Pak-Tec proudly partners with High Mark Systems to provide controllers for our Hitachi and...