APAO Hot Melt Adhesive & Liquid Glue

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Pak-Tec has partnered up with a global leader in hot melt glue systems and adhesive manufacturing to develop a premier line of melt on demand adhesive specifically tailored to the packaging industry.  Our focus is on maximizing adhesion, eliminating char, and providing our customers with the highest performing, most cost efficient melt on demand adhesive in the marketplace.

  • Reduced Consumption:  Deep fiber penetration and superior bonding characteristics allow you to apply less adhesive to achieve the same bond strength
  • Added Adhesion: Outstanding initial tack and fast set time ensure your cartons, cases, and trays won’t pop open
  • Improved Machining: Eliminates stringing (webbing) and improves control for precise placement and application patterns
  • Diminished Maintenance: Unmatched stability eliminates adhesive from charring and clogging equipment
  • Increased Value: Low specific gravity of adhesive translates to more volume per pound and higher-mileage.
  • Expanded Temperature Range:  Excellent service temperature range (-40 to 165F) for resistance to extreme temperatures. Ideal for bonding for freezer applications.


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Over the course of its 125 years of operation, H.B. Fuller has become one of the worlds most recognized names in the adhesive industry.  H.B. Fuller offers a vast array of adhesive products ranging from their packaging hot melt, like Advantra® and Clean Melt®, to product assembly adhesives, such as Swift®bond.


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REXtac Logo

REXtac has the unique quality in the fact that they produce their own Polymer; this provides greater quality control and reduce cost.  REXtac’s flexible process technology is superior in its ability to produce APAO that can be modified, combined, and blended with other hot melt adhesive components to meet the most exact specifications for your application. REXtac APAO is simple to use and compatible with a wide variety of materials. With some of the most qualified technical staff in the industry and state of the art laboratories, REXtac is able to provide custom adhesives and compounds for the most challenging applications.

REXtac specializes in:

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IFS Industries’ DuraPur™ is a complete offering of hot melt adhesives; however, they are best known for their superior EVA, Labeling, and PUR adhesives.  Open times range from 2 – 60 seconds with immediate fiber tear, have heat resistance up to 200°F and come in colored, clear or opaque finishes.

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Industrial Glue Sticks

Surebonder® is a leader in specialty adhesive forms for industrial hand guns and other specialty applications. With a complete range of EVAs, APAO, Fugitive PSAs and Acrylic adhesives – this is a great choice simple packaging applications or product assembly including woodworking, carpet, foam, flooring and electrical assembly. We have sizes and dimensions to fit all major glue guns.



  • APAO– APAO adhesive ready for either bead or spray delivery. In bead form use for glue assist projects and in spray form use for foam-to-foam, foam-to-fabric applications and more.
  • Low Melt Packaging – Low melt packaging adhesive for sealing corrugated cartons. Will bond to most porous materials (cardboard, paper board, wood, foam).
  • Fast Set Packaging– Fast-set packaging adhsive for sealing corrugated cartons. Also great for carpet back seaming, resists cracking at low temperatures. Will bond to most porous materials. (cardboard, paper board, wood, foam and cloth) 15 Second open time.
  • General Purpose -General purpose, all temperature adhesive. Works great at either low tempeature (250°F) or high temperature (380°F). Bonds to porous and non-porous substrates (wood, most plastics, most metals, fabric, paper, ribbons)
  • High Strength – High strength adhesive for metal, plastic, fabric, leather, wood, ceramics, coated papers and non-porous materials. Exhibits good resistance to shock in low and ambient temperatures – 25 second open time.
  • Acrylic High Performance – Adhesive developed for superior bonding to hard-to-bond surfaces. This adhesive is strong and flexible with a medium open and set time. Bonds to: concrete, vinyl, metal, rubber, tile, stone, ceramics, leather, melamine, coated papers, foil, wood, nylon, fabric, glass and plastic.

Glue Stick Forms & Sizes

  • 7/16″ diameter x  10″
  • 7/16″ diameter x  15″
  • 5/8″ diameter x 2″
  • 5/8″ diameter x 10″
  • 5/8″ diameter x 8″(ridged)
  • 3/4″ diameter x 2 ½”
  • 1″ diameter x 3″

SUPERBONDER BROCHURE (click to download)

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EVA – EVA (Ethylene – Vinyl Acetate) is a very economical option for hot melt adhesives and is a universal solution across packaging and product assembly applications.  This has a wide range of open time, viscosity, and applications temperature allowing this to be very versatile and is often ideal for the packaging industry.

METALLOCENE – Metallocene based hot melt adhesive is a relatively new innovation that started appearing in the marketplace in the late 1990’s. This new technology offers increased mileage, eliminates charring, and reduces stinging. The improved thermal stability greatly extends pot life. Additionally, the odor-free, nearly clear adhesive provides for a better end-product and work environment.

PUR – Polyurethane (PUR) reactive hot melt adhesive which bonds physically and chemically a wide range of substrates, porous and non-porous.  PUR hot melt can be formulated to accommodate open times from 5 seconds to 20 minutes.  Once cured, the bond is extremely durable with excellent resistance to heat, moisture, and aging. With wonderful adhesion to wood, metal and plastic substrates, PUR hot melt is ideal for many product-assembly applications including book-binding, construction materials, and edge-banding.

APAO – Amorphous Poly Alpha Olafins (APAO) adhesive is known for its soft, tacky, and flexible properties.  The low viscosity allows this adhesive to easily be sprayed, extruded, or roll coated.  Perfect for applications requiring long open times and heat resistance, APAO is an ideal adhesive for applications involving plastic substrates, general product assembly, or wire and cable.

PRESSURE-SENSITIVE – Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) is a rubber-based adhesive which creates a bond through the initially applied pressure and compression.

FUGITIVE – Often referred to as “Credit Card glue” or “Booger Glue” due to its popularity in direct mailing applications, Fugitive glue is a removable, non-permanent type of pressure-sensitive adhesive.  The low-tack characteristics allow two substrates to be adhered with a temporary bond which is designed to release minimal residue.  In addition to direct mailing, this is often used for unique packaging applications.

LIQUID – Water based adhesive creates a very strong and fast setting bond across many substrates, porous and non-porous.  Liquid glue can easily be applied with a variety of application methods including brush, roller, extrusion, or spray. This adhesive is seen in packaging, product assembly and paper concerting.


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Our revolutionary adhesive support program was created as a way to ensure your performance and cost savings are being maximized at all times.  This FREE and unique adhesive support program includes:

Initial Consultation

  • Production line and equipment assessments
  • Initial adhesive evaluation
  • Determine and document optimal application metrics
  • Detail target consumption rates
  • Customized preventative maintenance procedures and training
  • Report additional improvements

Ongoing Support (Adhesive Audits)

  • Regularly schedule service support visits
  • Continued system and equipment evaluations
  • Document improvement suggestions
  • Evaluate bond quality and perform adhesive consumption audits
  • Review preventative maintenance procedures

This service is unique to Pak-Tec and we are very proud of the complete level of service we are able to provide to our customers.  We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this in more detail with you:

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