Valco Melton Adhesive Systems

Valco melton product line for hotmelt packaging adhesive systems.

Valco Melton, the world leading innovator in hot melt adhesive systems, has partnered with Pak-Tec to provide industry leading selection of hot melt systems, components, and support to assist you and your manufacturing needs.

Valco Melton All electric hot melt dispensing systems have been the driving force behind the reshaping of the packaging industry.  Join some of the world’s leading packagers already benefitting from Ecostitch™ and let the experts at Valco Melton and Pak-Tec take your production line to an unparalleled level of efficiency.

Hot Melt Solutions for Packaging Industry (click to download)

The EcoStitch is ideal for applications for high line speeds, fast cycle rates, and long service life. Electric valves allow you to use a ‘stitch’ mode to apply minimal adhesive beads with virtually no stringing to guarantee an extremely accurate application, even at the highest line speeds.

The EcoStitch™ MXM valve easily reaches 3000 cycles per minute continuous duty and has a cycle lifetime of up to 2 BILLION (2,000,000,000) cycles.  Paired with a Valco Melton pattern controller, you are able to customize patterns to optimize efficiency and reduce adhesive consumption by up to 75%.

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Instant Payback: The system pays for itself in as little as 4 months of use following install.

Material Savings: The All-Electric solution allows you to use “stitch mode” to apply minimal adhesive beads with no stringing and a perfect bond.  We have proven a 35% – 75% adhesive reduction in every install.

Less Downtime: Electric gear pumps and electric valves remove almost all seals typically required to run a pneumatic system. This reduces the chance of failure created by too many moving parts.

Safer Operation: Electric hot melt systems require lower pressure settings than pneumatic systems for a safer work environment.

Eliminate Clogged Nozzles: Functionally eliminate clogged nozzles by working at lower pressures with larger nozzle orifices.


Hot Melt Solutions for Packaging Industry (click to download)

Case Study: Savings of EcoStitch vs. Traditional Bead (click to download)

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EcoStitch Melter Series

Intelligent All-Electric Hot Melt System

The new EcoStitch series melters are the most intelligent, versatile, technologically advanced adhesive melters ever created and includes ethernet IP integration, digital pressure control, adhesive usage data available on screen and full OEM integration with all digital based data.

This revolutionary EcoStitch melter features an all-electric precision gear pump which delivers continuous and reliable adhesive application without the use of compressed air or error-prone solenoids. The compact footprint, configurable base mount, and rear facing hot melt manifold make retrofitting existing packaging machines or replacing existing  melters a breeze.

  • All-Electric Gear Pump
  • Configurable Tank Size (4L / 10L / 16L)
  • Fast melt Rate (Up to 78 Lbs / Hour)
  • Digital closed loop pressure control
  • Onscreen adhesive usage data
  • Ethernet IP Communication
  • Complete PLC integration
  • 8 Hose connections
  • Auto-Feed Integration
  • 480 VAC Transformer Base


EcoStitch Melt Unit Brochure (click to download)


D Series

All-Electric Dispensing System

This All-Electric hot melt system is suited for a range of packaging, paper converting, non-wovens, and product assembly industries. Specific applications include spray, ribbon coating, direct contact, and high-speed jetting adhesive dispensing guns. A positive displacement, motor-driven gear pump offers a continuous pulse free output. Solid-state controls, precise RTD temperature sensors, and thermostatic temperature control optimize system performance. All melt units feature an easy-to-use touch pad with a bright LCD screen which allows operators to quickly setup system parameters and monitor system operation with no confusing codes.

  • Large, reliable 1/4 horsepower motor (120 & 240)
  • Electric gear pump delivers up to 60 lbs/hour
  • Easily adapted to variable speed applications.
  • Up to 6 hose/gun attachments
  • Independent control of each heated zone (up to 16) minimizes adhesive degradation and provides precise, uniform patterns.
  • Teflon® coated tanks reduce char buildup for easy maintenance and reliable operation.
  • Cast-in heating elements allow quick warm-up and improved heat transfer.
  • Optional Auto-feeder system available


D4E Brochure (click to download)

D10/D16 Brochure (click to download)

All-Electric Advantages (click to download)


EC Series

Piston-Pump Hotmelt Dispensing System

With this unit, Valco Melton has taken the more traditional piston pump style hot melt system to the highest technological level and combined it with an easy-to-use design.  The new EC Series combines a durable and simple design to provide superior performance and safety. This cost-effective workhorse is engineered to the highest industry standards and delivers unstoppable reliability.  Option rich, the EC series melt units are flexible and easily configurable for any hot melt application. User-friendly LCD operator panel.

  • HighFlow piston pumps
  • Impressive melt rate
  • Various tank sizes: 4, 8, or 14 liters
  • Pump Rate: Up to 220 Lbs / Hours
  • Multiple hose/gun Connections: 2, 4, or 6
  • Vast working temperature range: 85 – 465 Fahrenheit
  • Integrated Auto Feed System [Optional]
  • Glue Pattern Control for optimized efficiency [Optional]
  • Common footprint allows for universal installation


EC Series Brochure (click to download)

Kube Series

Melt-On-Demand Hotmelt System

Valco Melton’s latest innovation, this tankless, Melt-On-Demand hot melt adhesive system was designed to melt glue as you need it. This simple, yet revolutionary concept, eliminate maintenance and downtime due to charred or ‘over-cooked’ glue.  Engineered as an enclosed system with an integrated auto feeder, the KUBE is very reliable and nearly impervious to any production environment. Multiple mounting configurations allow for easy retro-fit integration and installation on virtually any industrial packaging line.  This product is available with an all-electric gear pump or a more traditional pneumatic-piston pump.

  • Up to six (6) hoses
  • Integrated auto-feed system
  • High output: 30kg hourly
  • User-friendly LCD operator panel
  • High-flow, short-stroke piston pumps
  • Compact and configurable design for low-profile installations – the perfect case sealer
  • Compatible with other market standards, ideal for retro-fit


Kube Brochure (click to download)

Kube: Solve Your Packaging Line Problems (click to download)

Kube Benefits (click to download)



Cold Glue Dispensing System

Valco Melton has been a leading supplier of cold adhesive dispensing systems to the packaging and converting industries since 1952. VanSco, a division of Valco Melton, is a complete line of high-speed liquid glue adhesive systems specializing in: Carton Folding, Corrugated Converting, Palletizing, Tobacco Packaging, Direct Mailing, Book Binding and More.

Noted for it simple and efficient design, VanSco adhesive systems have an extremely long life-span and provide consistent, high-speed performance with nearly zero maintenance.

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Electric Valve Drivers

The VD2P is a modular valve driving system capable of driving up to 12 adhesive applicator valves, with the ability
to integrate into your existing PLC and HMI network over Ethernet I/P.  Load jobs, view diagnostics, and more, all from your existing HMI. The VD2P features a straightforward data sharing protocol that allows the user to tailor their custom interface to control and show as much or as little as they choose. Users can easily configure the stitch or bead parameters, dot placement, dot size and gap size with the simple press of a button. Suitable applications include hot melt packaging and where PLC’s are controlling the activation timing of the adhesive applicator.

  • Use EcoStitch to save up to 35% – 75%
  • Achieve independent control of the pattern through EcoStitch or bead setting
  • Customize your adhesive pattern with EcoStitch’s unique “dot” and “gap” settings
  • Improve operator effectiveness with simplified setup and programming tasks
  • Quick installation with plug-and-run connectors
  • Switch between dots and beads with the press of a button



Adhesive Valve Drivers

The MCP-6 is a full-featured 6 channel adhesive control system available to work collectively with a full line of melt tanks. This system is also available as an external control panel for vertical mount. The MCP-6 can operate any 24 VDC solenoid valve and each channel can handle up to two each. All cables are wired into the board using Phoenix Contact™ connectors which allows the user to attach valve and photo-eyes into the control card. Cables with flying leads are included in all kits.


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BPail Melter

20L Pail Unloader

HOT MELT ADHESIVE PAIL UNLOADERThe Valco Melton BPail Series Melters are specially designed for the application of PUR adhesive delivered in 20 Liter pails. Each BPail Unit includes a flat or finned platen to achieve different melt rates and optional add-on safety features.

  • Safer working environment with new platen protection system and fume exhaust hood in option
  • Reduced downtime related with drum changes
  • A wide range of options permit customization to specific user needs


EDrum Unloader

200L Drum Unloader for PUR Adhesive

Adhesive Drum UnloaderValco Melton’s new EDrum Series of Drum Unloaders is specially designed for the application of PUR adhesive delivered in 200L drums. By implementing innovative safety elements such as a platen protection system and fume exhaust hood, the EDrum Series Melters ensure a safer work enviroment that exceeds the most demanding safety regulation requirements.

The Edrum series includes an air injection module and built-in pressure relief valve to adjust adhesive output pressure. There is an optional filter manifold to ensure cleaner applications and finned or flat platens to better adapt to all adhesive types.

  • Safer working environment with optional platen protection system and vent hood
  • Reduced downtime related to drum changes with new drum fastening system
  • Customizable to specific user needs
  • Integrated grammage control
  • Teflon® encapsulated seals


D-Drum Unloader

200L High Melt Rage Gear Pump Drum Melter

Valco melton drum melterThe Valco Melton D-Drum Series Melter is designed for precision dispensing of a wide variety of heated adhesive and sealant materials. Configurable with a number of pumping and power configurations, the DDrum is a versatile design for continuous operation in a variety of manufacturing environments. Melt rates will vary with adhesive and platen selection. Three platens are available, flat, radial and high melt rate. The high melt rate platen is capable of 475 pounds per hour or more, based on a 10,000 cps PSA adhesive.

  •  The ideal solution for processing large quantities of EVA, PS, and PUR hot melt adhesives
  • Utilize a true melt-on-demand supply of adhesive – Only the adhesive in contact with the platen is molten
  • A completely sealed system – the best choice for PUR and other reactive materials
  • Can use different melting plates depending on the capacity and conductivity of the required hot melt


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