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Foxjet offers a full range of case coding and industrial printing solutions including high resolution Trident printers (Pro Series), HP Thermal Inkjet (Solo Series) and large character Dot-on-Demand printers (VX Series). What ever the application, we have a case coding solution to meet your need.


Print high-contrast, high-quality barcodes, graphics and alphanumerics on your cases with the FoxJet ProSeries 384e and 768e.  These printheads are designed to achieve crisp, dark product identification marks with minimal need for interventions and downtime.

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  • Fastest in the industry – Print scan-able and verifiable barcodes at 350 FPM
  • Reduced maintenance – Smart Clean System features automated ink flush to remove environmental debris from nozzles, keeping prints sharp and reducing maintenance downtime
  • Large print area – Pair 2 printheads, using a signle control” talller, to increase your print area up to
  • Reduced monitoring – Low Ink Level Indicator Light visually notifies operators when ink needs to be refilled and waste bottle needs to be changed
  • Avoid rework from irregular cases – ProSeries 384e and 768e printheads offer industry leading ink throw distances to ensure maximum print quality on irregular surfaces
  • Maximum total cost of ownership value – Reliable printheads feature stainless steel faceplates and a repairable design, achieving lifespans as long as 10 years
  • Longest inkjet warranty in the industry

Brochure – ProSeries



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The FoxJet Solo Series industrial printer has re-engineered Hewlett Packard (HP) technology specifically for industrial packaging applications.  This thermal inkjet printer provides simplicity and ruggedness all while delivering the high quality printing you need at the price you want. This reliable printing system is a perfect application simple case coding and tray coding applications.SoloSeries OrangeJuice

  • High Resolution Print (300 DPI): With print speeds as fast as 500 ft / minute.
  • Intelligent Controls and Data Logic – Allow for operator input or programed logic including time, date, count, shifts, and other user defined data elements.
  • Enclosed Industrial Printhead – Stainless steel faceplate and hinged cover for easy access to ink cartridges.
  • Compact Design – The small footprint allow printing system to be tucked out of the way and makes for easy retro-fit on any current production line.
  • Multi-Printhead Configuration – Marksman HHI Plus (Hand Held Interface) controller allows the user to easily drive up to 8 print heads across multiple independent production lines.
  • Print up to 10 Lines of Text – Including alphanumerics, logos, and barcodes (GTIN, UPC, I2of5, Code 128, GS1-128, Code39, EAN, UCC, 2D Data Matrix, QR)


Brochure – Solo Series


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This integrated valve jet system is an affordable and reliable alternative when graphics and barcodes are not required. The VXJet print height is ½” to 2”, suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces, and is designed to run up to 650 feet per minute. The print heads features a robust, one-piece, die-cast aluminum housing and an environmentally sealed print head for long lasting results in demanding environments.


  • IP65 Sealed Construction – 100% environmentally sealed Aluminum housings and Stainless-Steel nozzle
  • Fast Print Speeds – up to 650 ft/min.
  • Large Print –  1/2″ – 2″
  • Multi-Line Printing – Up to 3 lines of text
  • Non-contact Printing – Ink throw distance up to ½”
  • Prints in Any Orientation –  horizontal, up, down, angled
  • Integrated Print Signal – Built in photocell
  • Porous and Non-porous Applications – water, alcohol, MEK, colors ink available
  • Economy Setting – “Draft Mode” reduces ink consumption 50%
  • Advance Controls – Large color touchscreen HMI
  • Mulit-Head Systems – Control up to four (4) printheads with a single controller


DOWNLOAD – VxJet 9x/18x

DOWNLOAD – VxJet 12x









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Marksman Elite

FoxJet’s Windows®-based Marksman Elite Controller is a flexible stand-alone industrial controller that is designed with a leading 17  ” touch screen for easy viewing and message creation. The rugged stainless steel case design captures all connectors internally, keeping them free from exposure to moisture and dirt.


Brochure – Marksman Elite






FoxJet’s Marksman Matrix is a sleeker and more compact alternative to the Markman Elite. It is a flexible stand-alone industrial controller that is capable of operating two production lines simultaneously and up to four print heads. This controller is ideal for offline editing and the use of network applications.





HHI (Handheld Interface)

The Marksman HHI (Handheld Interface) is quite simply the most advanced handheld controller for thermal inkjet print heads on the market today. Designed solely for the SoloSeries product line, FoxJet’s Marksman HHI controller offers a simple solution which allows the user easy access and control of up to 16 print heads without the use of a PC.





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Ensuring A Smooth Production Line From Case Sealer To Case Code

This white paper highlights some simple steps manufacturers and plant managers can take to keep their codes pristine and end-of-line systems working together harmoniously.

  • What to Look for In an Industrial Inkjet Case Coder
  • Addressing Complications With Case Coding and Sealing During Material Handling
  • Best Practices for Maintaining Your Industrial Inkjet Printer for Case Coding Applications
  • Choose a Partner you can trust





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