Vertical Case Transport System

Turnkey Case Coding Station

Off Line Case Coding - vertical case transport

Vertical Case Transport System allows users to print on two or four adjacent sides of a case eliminating the need for pre-printed. Ideal for manufacturers looking a turnkey coding station for secondary cases and boxes.

Designed for off-line case printing, the VCTS automatically feeds flat, knocked-down cases through a print station that is ideal for mounting case coding inkjet printers for on-demand printing virtually any wall of the case. Open access to printheads allows for easy maintenance and quick adjustments. The VCTS features an input hopper that has a capacity of up to 75 flat single wall RSC; up to 3⁄4 magazine capacity and can easily be reloaded by one person.

Easy to Use and Program

The VCTS includes a programmable counter that keeps track of batch quantities, rate of operation, and elapsed run time, allowing users the ability to customize case runs. The system can be easily programmed to shut down when the maximum count is reached. The VCTS batch counter is the ideal solution for users looking to print a message on specific number of cases while eliminating the need for.

Affordable Versatility

Eliminate the costs and space restrictions associated with pre-printed cases by printing product specific information, barcodes, and logos directly onto blank cases. The VCTS provides users with an affordable and flexible solution to meet your case coding needs.


Adjustable collector bin with ruler to easily switch between different width cases

Simple and rugged control interface for easy operation.

Hand crank wheel easily adjusts width of collector bin

Pneumatic pusher arm can be adjusted for different width cases.