Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ)

Hitachi Continuous Inkjet printers (CIJ) are high-speed printers adopting a non-contact printing method, ideal for a wide range of applications. They are capable of applying best before dates, expatriation dates, logos, barcodes, lot numbers and data matrix codes, which makes these industrial CIJ printers the perfect solution for both complex and standard date coding applications.

Hitachi UX2 Series

The UX2 was introduced in 2022 and is the latest model in the Hitachi continuous inkjet printer line.  This system combines industry leading innovation with the legacy and reliability of Hitachi date coders.  New features include:

  • Safe-Clean Station – This integrated cleaning station flushes, cleans, and dries the printhead with a single, automatic cycle.  The sealed reservoir eliminates the need to expose solvent to the manufacturing floor and captures all solvent for safe and easy disposal.
  • Smart Start Function – The self-diagnosis start-up automatically cleans the nozzle to ensure smooth start-up and operation.
  • Ink Guard – This patented design reduces faults caused by ink build up and allows the printer to go three (3) times longer between routine cleaning when compared to other printer models.
  • Quick Change Connectors – The preconfigured I/O connectors allows you to easy move the CIJ printer to and from the production line, eliminating time consuming mistakes.
  • Improved Print Algorithms – Hitachi’s proprietary algorithm provides crisp, clear codes at extreme line speeds.
  • Onboard Video Library – Expanded on-screen tutorials provide operators with step-by-step guidance for common tasks and trouble-shooting.

UX2 Series Brochure (click to download)


Hitachi UX Series

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The Hitachi UX series CIJ printer has become one of the most trusted marking and coding systems in manufacturing.  These date coders are capable of printing up to six (6) lines of text and can meet speeds beyond 2,250 characters per second.  Models are offered with traditional pour-in ink systems or smart ink cartridges for quick, trouble-free ink management.  The Hitachi UX printer is rated up to IP-65 and features a Nickel-Chrome finish to provide the highest level of protection against harsh environments and caustic chemicals.

UX Series Brochure (click to download)


Hitachi UX Twin Nozzle Series


This Hitachi CIJ printer model features two (2) print nozzles within the same print head for an adaptive eight (8) line print capabilities.  The unique 64-dot CIJ printing feature delivers large, bold characters ideally suited to print company logos, bar codes, UL marks, or many other print messages previously unachievable with other CIJ printers. The dual nozzle head also provides additional speed for  ultra-highspeed printing on the fastest production speeds.

UX Twin Nozzle Brochure (click to download)



Hitachi UX Specialty Series

Hitachi UX PIGMINTED CIJ PRINTERThe Specialty Series includes a range of models, most notably, a 45-micron printer for ultra-small character printing and a specialty Pigmented printer for printing with specialty color inks.  The Pigmented date coder is designed specifically to eliminate issues that challenge other CIJ printers, like ink sedimentation or nozzle blockage.

UX Specialty Series Brochure (click to download)


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Hitachi Vision and Print Verification System

Most vision systems on the market today are limited in their ability to read dot matrix date codes from CIJ printers. Hitachi has developed, from the ground up,  a revolutionary vision system specifically able to isolate each character in the dot matrix inkjet printing. This provides some key benefits to manufacturing companies:

  • Specifically developed to accurately read inkjet codes regardless of the printer brand being used
  • Isolation of each character to detect code degradation
  • Threshold grading system individually set for your application

Print Verification System

By designing a vision system specifically for inkjet printers, any code that is readable by the human eye can also be passed by the vision system, getting more production out the door. This is part of the Hitachi Communication Solutions, which help leverage technology on your production lines to improve your efficiency.

Hitachi Vision System Brochure (click to download)

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IP-65 Rating

Designed for the harshest of environments, Hitachi industrial CIJ printers are guaranteed to operate in temperatures beyond 120 F, humid conditions, and dusty plants.


Durable Ni-Cr Printhead

Hitachi CIJ printer feature an Nickel Chromium finish for additional wash-down protection by preventing corrosion due to caustic chemicals.




Reliable Diaphragm Pump

Unique to Hitachi, the diaphragm based CIJ circulation system improves uptime while decreasing fluid consumption.   The life-time of a Hitachi pump often exceeds 80,000 run-time hours.

Field Reparable & Component Level

Easily accessible and individually field-serviceable parts; as opposed to expensive, irreparable modular components used on other CIJ printers.


10.4” Color LCD Touch Screen

This large and industrial HMI allows for easy navigation, simple message selection, helpful previews and intuitive menus for operators.


One Button Start/Stop

Automatic print head cleaning allows for no warmup periods or down time required for lengthy startup cycles.


On Screen Guidance and Tutorials

Easily accessible troubleshooting guides and step-by-step tutorials allow operators to confidently address common issues and reduce downtime.


USB Message Transfer

Integrated USB message backup/restore, simple message selection/creation, and message scan-&-shoot allow operators to ensure the proper code is always entered. Never select the wrong date code or lot number again.


Mistake Free and Spill Proof Fluid Refills

RFID cartridges eliminate the potential for loading expired or incorrect fluids.


Tool-less Filter Replacement

Ink Filters can be replaced without the use of tools or a technician, resulting is virtually zero down time.  Additionally, Hitachi CIJ printers have the longest duration between schedules maintenance; typically over 4,000 hours.


RFID IC Security Card

Login information, message selection and print data can easily be managed directly at the CIJ printer with the use of this IC Card






Pulse Recovery Technology

This unique re-circulation technique reduces contact with air – drastically reducing wasteful evaporation.


Motor Speed Control & Viscometer

An integrated temperature regulated motor speed control and dedicated viscometer provide precise control and maximized printing efficiency.

30% Fluid Reduction

Hitachi’s advance circulation system helps to make this the most cost efficient continuous inkjet printer on the market. Savings on ink and additive allows our customer to reach payback within 2 years.



Zero Waste Ink Reservoir

Ink and makeup cartridges are good to the last drop, and drain fully into their respective reservoirs. Complete fluid evacuation allows ink and makeup containers to be disposed of easily instead of incurring costly hazardous disposal expenses


Software Defined Controller

In effect, the SDC is a intuitive way to communicate with our industrial printing system directly  from your corporate ERP or other business system. This eliminates the need of expensive or complex proprietary systems.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Hitachi continuous inkjet printers are Industry 4.0 ready. In fact, Hitachi is undoubtedly a global leader in the IoT arena.  With decades of experience and deep expertise in both OT (operational technology) and IT – Hitachi is leading the way in developing data-driven smart manufacturing.


Modern Communication Protocols

By employing modern open protocols such as OPC-UA, the Hitachi continuous inkjet printer is ready for the upcoming Industry 4.0/IoT revolution. This open style data connectivity enables our industrial CIJ printer to be compatible with virtually any networked platform regardless of OS. In addition, the latest UX printers* come equipped with Ethernet/IP, OPC-UA, Modbus, and Serial RS-232. Hitachi is currently the first CIJ manufacturer to gain ODVA approval for Ethernet/IP.


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We  develop, test, and manufacture custom inks at Hitachi’s state-of-the-art ink laboratory located in Charlotte, NC. Here we work closely with our customers to perfect a tailored ink specific to your requirements to ensure the print quality, run ability, and cost efficiency is maximized in each application.

  • FDA Compliant
  • Organic Pigments
  • Low VOC (Tobacco Industry)
  • ThermoChromic Retort Inks (Changes colors under exposure time or temperature)
  • Alkali-Soluble (Used for recyclable containers)
  • Alcohol Resistant
  • Heat Resistant Inks (Up to 1300°C)
  • Ethanol Based Inks (Environmentally friendly)
  • UV Readable Ink (Invisible to naked Eye)
  • UV Curable Ink (Solvent Resistant)

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