Hot Stamp (Foil)

OpenDate is recognized as a leading multi-national manufacturer of Industrial Thermal & Hot Foil coding, marking and overprinting systems. Each product is developed with pride and attention to detail with the aim of minimizing down time and maximizing its reliability on the line. A wide range of solutions, first-class technical support and premier consumables make us a reliable partner for all your overprinting and thermal coding needs.

printmasterHot Foil Coders, also known as Hot Stamp, is a simple yet reliable technology. This contact printing method uses a heated die or rotary to stamp a pigmented ribbon (foil), creating a clean print on a number of any substrates. Despite its more traditional technology, Hot Foil coders are a dependable alternative for batch or date coding.


Hot Foil Print Samples

Eurocode Series

Printmaster Series

Sprint Series

53E pic 2Thermal Transfer Printer ideal for printing high-resolution images including variable text elements, graphics, dates, bar-codes and 2D codes on to flexible packaging materials including labels, films, foils, cartons and cards. Thermal Transfer technology uses an electronic print head comprised of tiny heating elements to generate enough heat to release pigment from an impregnated ribbon, which is then pressed on to the substrate to create an image. Ideal for high-resolution contact printing often found in food and pharmaceutical packaging; particularly in Form Fill Seal applications.  One feature which makes OpenDate so unique is their precision orientation and tight print cycles; this provides a quality print while minimizing wasted consumables (In the picture above you a can see how efficiently the ribbon is used).

Thermal Transfer Print Samples

Thermocode iQ

Thermocode Series 2

Thermocode 53e



We offer wax and resin foil (ribbon) in a wide variety of sizes suitable for nearly any printer or application. All of our foil is held to the highest quality standards which allows our customers to be confident in their printing quality and extended the performance of their machine.  We pride ourselves on prompt, helpful customer service and will generally be able to ship standard-size orders within 24 hours.