Industrial Labeling Machine For Pallets

Tertiary packaging is usually the final transport packaging in the production chain or logistics process, and combines multiple secondary packaging in one load unit. Mostly packed on pallets or in containers, these units are ready to be transported, shipped or put into storage. Complete traceability of all units achieved through RFID technology and machine-readable barcodes takes top priority in order to ensure smooth processes.

Logopak has developed smart solutions that meet the high demands placed on tertiary labeling (ie. Pallet Labeling). Our unique Barcode Vericoder, for instance, verifies the print quality of barcodes to ensure maximum readability of the printed product information. Our innovative RFID labels guarantee complete traceability along the entire value chain. For labelling in production environments with temperatures of between -27°C and +50°C, we offer special air-conditioning and cooling solutions that provide optimal protection of your products through insulated enclosures and heating or cooling systems.

Logopak solutions make tertiary labeling even more efficient and reliable. Our innovative systems cover the entire range of pallet labeling, from stand-alone to fully integrated machines, from semi-automatic to high-performance systems designed for high-speed production lines, and from fully automated labelers that apply labels simultaneously to different faces of the pallet to all-round labelling solutions. Our in-house developed middleware LogoSoft ensures smooth integration in existing ERP systems and the customer’s IT structure, and provides reliable controlling and documentation of all labelling processes.


Operating at speeds up to 120 pallets per hour, we are able to accommodate oversize, variable height, and double stacked pallets with ease. Built to order, each pallet labeler is tailored to meet your exact specification and needs. Their operation is smooth and reliable and will withstand even the most unforgiving conditions. The standard enclosure, featuring automatic trap doors, keep the harshest environments out and keep you production running smoothly.

Our middleware and verification systems provide additional piece-of-mind by ensuring the correct label or labels (some applications have as many as 6 labels on one pallet) are applied to each pallet.  Labels are verified within our industrial print head or even through the integrated scanner on the applicator to ensure the correct label is applied and orientated as it should be.

With such an intelligent and integrated solution, we are able to provide companies with a highly efficient and reliable interface between production and logistics.


Logopak Pallet Labelling Overview








Logopak LogoSoft Labeling SoftwareLogoSoft is a fully integrated software solution for centralized data and process management. Our efficient software provides centralized management, control and monitoring of information on all aspects of modern labelling, also across different production sites. LogoSoft enables you to optimize and flexibly automate your labelling processes, and ensures complete traceability of all products and units.

By continuously synchronizing data, machines and production processes with your existing ERP system, e.g. with SAP systems via the SAP®IDoc interface, LogoSoft ensures availability of all relevant data at the right time and in the right place. Our stand-by solution guarantees trouble-free production even if the connection to your ERP system is interrupted.

Connecting LogoSoft to cloud-based services (optional) provides improved utilization of real-time data for smart services, such as preventive maintenance or direct ordering of consumables.  Depending on your individual requirements, our efficient modules support you in realizing your real-time or series labelling projects and synchronizing your database and labeler. LogoSoft is the intelligent, future-proof solution for industrial labelling. For increased efficiency, transparency and safety along your entire value chain.


LogoSoft Modules

LogoRT (RealTime)

Our module LogoRT enables fully automated labelling of shipping units in real time. LogoRT (RealTime) collects, collates and monitors the data from your production environment in a fully automated, event-based process, and in real time.  All relevant information is fed back to your system to give you an overview of your data and events, and to ensure optimal control of your labelling processes, e.g. quantity deviations, batch numbers.  As a fully-fledged middleware, LogoRT allows fast and uncomplicated integration in your existing IT or ERP system and ensures maximum production reliability and data security. Key benefits include:

Real Time Labeling Software

  • High data security along the entire process chain
  • Event-based process control in real time
  • Fully automated data connection and data processing
  • Integration of other devices and protocols in your production line
  • Flexible planning and processing of new print jobs
  • Production reliability through real-time processing of data from your IT system (e.g. ERP)


LogoBatch (Serialization)

Ensures trouble-free serial labelling: LogoBatch enables you to monitor, centrally control and allocate your print jobs to one or more printing systems. Automatic data feedback to your system provides more transparency over your labelling processes. LogoBatch also supports the automated adaptation of print data for product-, print job- or batch changes. For more efficient and highly reliable labelling processes.  Our serial labelling solution can be integrated in your existing system as a fully-fledged middleware or as a stand-alone tool. Benefits at a glance:Labeling serialization software

  • High data security along the entire process chain
  • Comfortable, central data management
  • Flexible planning of new print jobs
  • Simultaneous allocation of several print jobs to different labellers
  • Interruption and resumption of print jobs is possible at any time
  • Production reliability due to the use of up-to-date master data


Labeling Sync SoftwareOur module LogoSync controls the exchange between your database and your printing systems, and ensures that all data is reliably synchronized for the labelling process.  Depending on your individual requirements, the product data can be selected manually by the machine operator, or in a fully automated process through scanned product IDs. After being successfully synchronized, the coupled printing systems work independently of your servers.  Automated data feedback to your system provides you with an optimal overview of your labelling and shipping data. All data is available on all your devices: this ensures flexible working and saves time…

  • High data security along the entire process chain
  • Data maintenance only in the customer’s IT system, not in the labellers
  • Autonomous function – if necessary, production can be continued even without a network connection
  • Flexible planning and processing of print jobs
  • Production reliability due to the generation of data sets from the article master


LogoSoft Interfaces


From your Excel file onto the label: CSV data sets (Comma-separated values) enable uncomplicated exchange of data between different programs. These simple text files, which contain all required information, are smoothly transmitted from your system to LogoSoft® via the integrated import and export function and then printed onto the label.

SAP® IDoc-Interface

To ensure smooth integration and an efficient exchange of data with your SAP®-System, LogoSoft® uses the central format SAP®IDoc (Intermediate Document). LogoSoft® imports all data required to print your labels via the SAP® interface for further processing and creates network protocols such as SMB, FTP or UNC

SOAP Interface

The network protocol SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is regarded as the industrial W3C standard. Through its SOAP interface, LogoSoft® provides optimal communication with your database, i.e. ERP, LCS or similar systems, to ensure fast and uncomplicated exchange and processing of structured information


LogoSoft® enables uncomplicated import and export of standardized, cross-platform SQL data sets. Working with special SQL statements is an easy method to enter, change or delete data. The required print information is automatically transmitted to the labeler in order to ensure a smooth exchange of data for maximum process reliability.


XML (Extensible Mark-up Language), which categorizes data into hierarchies and allows uncomplicated modification of data sets, has become a widely-used standard. This interface enables LogoSoft® to import XML files from your IT system and deliver them to your printing systems.


  • Robust Design: This is not your standard labeling machine. Logopak systems are rugged-built machines with a proven life of 10+ years of continuous use and abuse.  This industrial labeling system will be giving reliable performance well beyond a decade; it is nice to have that kind of peace of mind.
  • Industrial Construction: Logopak has a holistic approach to manufacturing and construction with vertical range of manufacture of more than 90%, exclusively in Germany where all systems are developed, produced, and tested.
  • High-Speed: Logopak industrial labeling systems provide you with the speed to truly label in real-time. Pallet labelers reach speeds up 120 pallets per hour and tray labelers hit an incredible 120-240 trays per minute.
  • Custom Solutions: We offer you custom-engineered solutions to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations. We feel that there is no project too complex and our team always welcomes the challenge.
  • Guaranteed Parts: We offer a 10 year guarantee on the availability for spare parts on all Logomatic system.  All wear and spare parts, including print head, are available when you need them.
  • Superior Print Engines: We do not use desktop printer components.  Logopak’s  print engines are built inhouse and are designed specifically for the most punishing industrial conditions. Desktop engine based systems, used by many of our competitors, are disposable and typically last only 12-18 months before needing replacement. Our rugged design allow for systems to be refurbished and has proven life of 10+ years in high-cycle applications.
  • Integrated Rear Drive: Our integrated design utilizes an industrial knurled steel rear-drive assembly set in steel bearings and 10mm aluminum casing, not a front ‘push drive’ with plastic bushings like desktop engines.  This means no more label jamming, roller wrapping or dropped labels.
  • Synchronized Label Feed: Logopak systems feature 5 internal drive motors to ensure precise label control and perfect tension. Most competitors use a single drive roller in to pull label material causing high wear, uneven tension, and frequent label tears resulting in downtime.
  • Long Run Times: Logopak utilizes 600m, 800m and 1200m rolls of thermal transfer ribbon – competitors’ desktop engine-based systems typically use 450m rolls – which means more run time between roll changes with Logopak.
  • RFID Capable: All Logopak labeling systems can be equipped with RFID technology (HF and UHF), even after installation.
  • Flexible Integration:  Logopak provides you with the optimum solution. For all of our machines, software and data-based communications are developed and owned by Logopak. We can configure any of them to meet your specific needs. In addition to Logopak’s in-house software development, a full suite of standardized PC applications available for: label design, machine networking, data backup, traceability, data administration, synchronization of data records, ZEBRA emulation, and SATO emulation.