Shrink Sleeve Machine

Packaging film for shrink bands, shrink tubes, shrink sleeves, and tamper evident bands.

American Film & Machinery is an industry icon for heavy-duty shrink sleeve systems. AFM’s complete range of sleeve applicators, tamper evident banding equipment, steam tunnels, electric tunnels and infrared tunnels. AFM’s systems range in performance from 50 to 600 products per minute and can provide a solution for a wide variety of applications and budgets.

LX 100

Shrink Sleeve & Tamper-Evident Band Applicator

The LX-100 is as an economy shrink sleeve applicator designed for middle body, full body, and cap applications.  LX-100’s simple and low maintenance design allows for quick film change and maximum uptime.  This system is perfect solution for production lines ranging from 20 – 80 containers per minute.  The LX-100’s compact housing is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel to provide strength and reduce vibration while offering quiet operation. Product runs are programmed with the user-friendly touch-screen control interface HMI, featuring standard and custom menus that can be password protected for an added layer of security.

LX 150

Shrink Sleeve & Tamper-Evident Band Applicator

 The LX 150 is designed to maximize value and versatility for moderate packaging rates. The LX-150 can be rolled up to any conveyor to provide accurate shrink sleeve placement up to 300 products per minute. The system’s robust Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) design and construction provides for non-stop operation, while its’ standard dual unwind system allows continued operation with only a brief splicing stop.

Size change overs are simple and quick. The cut length can be changed electronically by utilizing the control panels’ touch screen interface. For different product diameters, a new timing screw and bullet (mandrel) can be installed in minutes, while different product heights are accommodated by raising or lowering the machine with a turn-screw mechanism. The LX-150 comes with our quick change system for switching mandrels with a turn of a knob. Along with the mandrel, the cutter assembly has only two levers to turn, keeping your downtime to a minimum.

LX 350

High-Speed Shrink Sleeve & Tamper-Evident Band Applicator

The LX-350  is a premium range shrink sleeve machine designed for high volume production rates and is a perfect solution for industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty, consumer goods, chemical, and other manufactured goods.

The LX-350 has been engineered to handle oval and round containers made of plastic, glass, or metal at speeds up to 500 containers per minute. Users also have the option of purchasing additional mandrels for non-cylindrical containers. The multiple blade rotational cutting mechanism provides extremely smooth, even cutting of film ranging from 35 microns up to 70 microns.


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Steam Heat Tunnel

The WSN Series includes two machine models, the WSN-300-2M and the larger WSN-300-3M steam heat tunnel. WSN Series shrink tunnel series is built to meet the most demanding applications of you 24/7 packaging operations. Versatile and efficiet design allow you to take on a wide variety of shrink sleeve packaging applications while keeping your energy costs low.

Multiple steam zones and independently adjustable manifolds allows the WSN shrink tunnels to direct the steam heat precisely where it is needed to produce perfect PVC, PETG, OPS, and PLA label wraps and neck bands.




Steam Heat Tunnel w/ Integrated Steam Generator

The WSN-GEN S is an all-in-one tunnel that includes its own steam generator. The WSN-GEN S is designed for simple setup where in-plant steam generation isn’t readily available.


The GEN S tunnel utilizes a 9” tall and 5” wide opening to accommodate a number of shrink sleeve products including middle, full body, and full body and cap shrink applications. . The four (4) independently adjustable steam manifolds direct steam horizontally, vertically, or radially to ensure uniform heat distribution. Changing containers or labels isn’t an issue – tier adjustments and controls are done from the operator side of the tunnel, making adjustments safe, quick and easy.



Electric Heat Tunnel

The ES-200 Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel comes equipped with two independent VFD air flow controls that allow the air flow in each of the two zones to be regulated separately. The almost infinite air flow adjustment paired with accurate, consistent digital temperature control and adjustable air delivery louvers make the ES-200 an extremely versatile shrink tunnel.

Motorized height control makes installation easy and can be completed in minutes using standard tools to have you up and running, saving your company money and increasing your ROI. Due to its versatility and reliability, the ES-200 Electric Heat Tunnel is also ideal for the changing needs of contract packagers


OAL Classic

Radiant Heat Tunnel

The OAL Classic Electric Heat Shrink Tunnel is a versatile and accurate recirculating heat tunnel with high efficiency blowers, adjustable heater element locations, and digital time proportional temperature control with a solid state contactor. The adjustable IR heater element locations allow the tunnel to be set up for a wide variety of applications.

Motorized height control makes installation quick and easy; setup and changeover can be completed in minutes. The Operator side controls are conveniently placed for ease of adjustments.


GS Series

Radiant Heat Tunnel for Shrink Band

Engineered for tamper-evident shrink band applications, the GS Series has two models: the GS-100 and the smaller GS-75 for narrower neck applications. GS tunnels are designed to be compact and
easy-to-operate additions to your existing shrink band applications.

The GS-75 and GS-100 utilize two temperature control regulators for accurate dual heat bank settings and precise band shrinking. Tunnel temperatures reach up to 482F and are monitored by an external settings control to provide even heat distribution through out the chamber.



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Shrink Sleeve Applicator with UR2 Unwind



LX 100

Craft Beer Full Can Wrap Sleeves


Multi-Pack Sleeving


WSN Gen-S Heat Tunnel

Integrated Steam Generator


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