Integra PP108 Piezo Inkjet

Using SEIKO’s patented piezo print technology, the Integra PP108 is fasted, large The stand alone print system is intended for large, high-resolution print areas on porous and semi-porous substrates – perfect for case coding on corrugate boxes, marking on lumber, or printing on gypsum boards.

PP108 uses an internal ink circulation and pump control to maintain constant pressure and automatically remove air from the print nozzle channels to ensure uninterrupted print for crisp, complete barcodes.

  • Print in two colors – The BiColor model allows for dual color printing for unique graphics or hazmat case coding.
  • 4.25 ” Print Area – Print large barcodes and graphics without having to stitch multiple heads
  • Print Speed up to 980 ft/Min.  – Maintain scannable barcode with 180 DPI at nearly 1000 feet per minute.
  • High Resolution (960 DPI)  – Best vertical resolution in class. Print 360 DPI at 500 feet/ Min.
  • Gray Scale Printing – Full grey scale to allow for complex graphics and save on ink.
  • Internal Ink Tank – No more bulky, messy external ink bottles.
  • Self Priming – Start up is easy and quick.
  • Shock Resistant Print Head – Unique ink circulation system self-cleans & eliminates print lines from disappearing when knocked.
  • Pigmented Mineral Oil Free Ink – No harmful VOCs; Ideal for the food industry.
  • Print horizontal or down – Independent ink tank allows for unique print orientation.

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