Colamark Labeling Systems

Colamark Labeling Systems

Pak-Tec has partnered with Colamark USA to deliver high-quality, turnkey primary product labeling systems. With over 50,000+ systems installed world-wide, Colamark has quickly become one of the most trusted names in labeling.  

Colamark A900 Labeling Series

Front/Back/Top and Wrap-Around Labeling

Colamark Labeler A920 Designed with easy adjustment, flexibility and reliability in mind, the A900 series is an ideal choice for beverage, chemical, cosmetic, and personal care products. Models are versatile and are engineered to accommodate a wide range of containers including rectangular, round, oval, and irregular shaped bottles or canisters.

Wrap-Around Labeling Overview (Download)



Colamark A107WS Labeling System

Labeling for 5-Gal Pails and large-diameter containers

The A107WS is designed for wrap around labeling on large containers and 5 gallon pails.  The system can accommodate up to 12 inch labels and 20 – 25 pails/minute. Integrated  registration controls for dual-opposing side label placement and the system can easily be adjusted to accommodate  variable pail diameters.  Additional features include an extra-large driving roller,  automatic handle lifter, an optional lifting rotatory table for fully filled pails with heavy weights.

A107WS Brochure(Download)



Colamark A732 Labeling System

Labeling for Clam Shells

The A73 series is ideal for top/bottom labeling and wrap labeling on clam shell packages including the C-wrap, D-wrap, and E-wrap formats. Thoughtful design offers wide applicable size range, flexible configuration, and ease of use, making it an ideal labeling solution for the fresh food, bakery, fruit and vegetable, personal care product industries.  The typical model A732, is configured with two labelers for top and bottom labeling, input and output conveyors for easy connection, a hugger belt for transport of object for labeling.  The A732 can accommodate Top/Bottom, E-wrap, C-wrap, and D-wrap label orientations.

A732 Brochure (Download)


Colamark Pharma Labeling Series

Labeling for Vials, Ampoules & Pharmaceutical Bottles

Colamark has a compressive line of automated labeling systems designed specifically for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Various models are designed to accommodate a wide range of products and provide advance features like code inspection, product reject mechanisms.  Systems can include optional TTO, Thermal Inkjet or Continuous Inkjet printers for variable date coding.


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Colamark FX 741w Labeler

Turn-key Top/Side Labeler Applicator for Cartons

The FX741W is a compact, general purpose integrated merge style top apply labeling system. The system is designed for preprinted, pressure sensitive label application to the top or side panels of flat product. The FX series modular labelers are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and has a small foot print for tight production environments.

Features Include:

  • LS150 6” Labeler
  • 156mm (6.125”) Label Width
  • Casters
  • Stepper Drive, 30M/minute
  • 200mm x 1 M Conveyor Belt
  • Touch Screen HMI
  • 50 Memory Presets
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • 110 Vac/5A power
  • Spacing Wheel (Optional)
  • Top Hold-Down Belt (Optional)
  • Clear Label Sensor (Optional)
  • Label Head Turning Joint (Optional)

A741 Brochure (Download)

FX741 Brochure (Download)

FX741W Brochure (Download)


Colamark FX 101 Labeler

Off-Line Wrap-Around Labeler for Bottles and Cans

The FX101 is a compact, general purpose integrated vertical wrap-around labeling system.  The Colamark FX 101W is perfect for turn-key, offline labeling station or integrated into existing filling line for automated solution. The unique design allows for simple change over and ease of use.  This is labeler system is particularly popular among craft brewers, distillers, and cider houses who label tall bottles, cans (slim / 8oz / 16oz / crowlers) or any other round container.

Features Include:

  • LS150 6” Labeling Engine
  • Up to 156mm (6”) Label Width
  • Casters
  • Stepper Drive, 30M/minute
  • Up 120mm x 1 M Conveyor Belt
  • Up 150mm Wrap Belt w/ Back Plate
  • Touch Screen HMI
  • 50 Memory Presets
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • 110 Vac/5A power

FX101 Brochure (Download)

FX101 Wide Brochure (Download)



Colamark A52 Labeler Series

Semi-Auto Labeling Station for Bottles and Soft Tubes

The A52 series is designed for simple labeling solution for lower volume packaging requiring precision labeling.   These system are designed for ease of operation and quick change over between products. The A520 is perfect for general wrap-around labeling for round bottles and containers.  The A522 uses a supporting mandrel to accommodate empty soft tubes often used for personal care products.   Perfect for small batch production in the spirits, cosmetic, personal care or medical industries.

520 – Semi-Automatic Labeling for Bottles (Download)

A522 – Semi-Automatic Labeling for Soft Tubes (Download)


Colamark A751LC

Vertical Flat Case Transport for Offline Labeling

This system is ideal for automated, offline case labeling or case code printing for knockdown RSC cases.  It is designed with a friction belt feeder, spring loaded dual-belt transport section to automatically adjust to case thickness, and a collection hopper for easy removal and stacking of finished cases.  It also features a touchscreen HMI for easy setup and can store preset parameters for up to 50 separate case sizes or jobs. This system is all-electric and is extremely versatile. This is a perfect solution for any manufacturer or co-packer looking to add offline capabilities for labeling secondary distribution cartons.

A751LC Brochure (Download)

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