Product Coding (Hitachi)

Hitachi Continuous Ink Jet Systems (CIJ) are a world leader and industry innovator in industrial inkjet marking and industrial coding.  With over 35 years of experience, Hitachi’s industrial inkjet printers have proven unmatched reliability and superior performance. This non-contact inkjet marking system is the ultimate date coder – perfect for small and large character marking on almost any substrate, including non-porous and porous substrates.  The robust design, versatile features, and state-of-the-art technology of the Hitachi industrial inkjet printers delivers high-speed inkjet marking and industrial coding solutions for a wide range applications and industries including: Food, Beverage, Secondary Packaging, Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, Wire & Cable, Automotive, Electronics, and Construction Materials.


Hitachi’s low-wear design and superior ink circulation system provides you with huge gains in increased up-time productivity, reduced operator intervention, minimum maintenance, and unmatched equipment lifetime.

  • Hitachi’s low-wear design and superior ink circulation system provides you with huge gains in increased up-time productivity, reduced operator intervention, minimum maintenance, and unmatched equipment lifetime.
  • Want Return on Investment? The life-time of a Hitachi pump often exceeds 50,000 run-time hours.
  • The very 1st Hitachi printer installed in USA is still in the field providing exception reliability for well over 72,000 production hours since its 2003 installation. See the full story.


Straightforward controls, intuitive menus, adjustable settings/permissions allows your team to quickly master this equipment.

  • Durable 10.4”, color LCD touch screen is durable and easy to use. Large, color coded keys add additional ease.
  • Simplicity perfected…One button start/stop, no warmup or down time required for startups, and automatic print head cleaning at shutdown.
  • Integrated USB message backup/restore, simple message selection/creation, and message scan-&-shoot allow operators to ensure the proper code is always entered
  • Dynamic guidance and prompts always present on operating display for intuitive navigation


Time is money. It is simple, Hitachi’s low maintenance needs increases you production time, increases the life-time of the printer, and save you frustrations.

  • Industries longest duration between recommended schedule maintenance; typically 4,000 hours.
  • Self-cleaning print heads and automated flush programs eliminate the day-to-day maintenance.
  • Self-regulating fluid ratios provide worry free printing. Easy do-it-yourself calibrations, if ever needed.
  • Service and warehouse centers in over 22 locations throughout USA.


Hitachi yields the lowest fluid consumption of any ink jet printer on the market. A closed-loop ink circulation system pulses fluids through the printer to maximize efficiency, gains are felt by your bottom-line and the environment.

  • No wasted ink; the advance ink circulation system, along with automatic viscosity control, eliminates there ever being any wasted ink and/or additive.
  • Longest filter life Long filter life translate to additional savings by limiting parts replacement and decreasing run-time due to maintenance
  • Easily accessible and individually field-serviceable parts; as opposed to expensive, irreparable modular components.
  • Savings on ink and additive allows are customer to reach payback well within 2 years

RX Series Introduction


  • We understand how vital quality consumables are to the performance and longevity of you equipment; that is why Hitachi is committed to providing high-quality inks at an affordable price. With over 70 standard inks and additive available; ranging in pigment,
  • We are able to develop, test, and manufacture custom inks at Hitachi’s state-of-the-art ink laboratory located in Charlotte, NC. Here we work closely with our customers to perfect a tailored ink specific to your requirements to ensure the print quality, run ability, and cost efficiency is maximized in each application.

    • FDA Compliant
    • Organic Pigments
    • Low VOC (Tobacco Industry)
    • ThermoChromic Retort Inks (Changes colors under exposure time or temperature)
    • Alkali-Soluble (Used for recyclable containers)
    • Alcohol Resistant
    • Heat Resistant Inks (Temperature Resistance: 1300°C)
    • Ethanol Based Inks (Environmentally friendly)
    • UV Readable Ink (Identification – Invisible to naked Eye)
    • UV Curable Ink (Solvent Resistant)
  • 5 Factors Affecting your Ink Performance and Cost
  • Allow us to consult with your ink needs