Hitachi MC-20S Print Verification Vision System

Print Verification and Vision Inspection System for CIJ Printers

Hitachi MC-20 Print Verification Vision System - Verify CIJ printer date codes - Print Validation System - Print Verification System - CIJ Vision System

Designed specifically for CIJ fonts, the Hitachi MC-20S print verification system goes far beyond other vision and inspection systems. The MC-20 inspects printed codes, validates the information, grades the readability, and records the results for reliable traceability and quality assurance. This intelligent system learns your acceptable grading criteria and uses a human-like logic to provide fast and reliable print validation for real-world applications.

Other vision systems on the market today are based of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which was developed for laser and thermal inkjet printers. They are limited in their ability to read CIJ font characters and codes due to variability of the dot-matrix characters. Hitachi developed this print verification system around the Optical Character Verification (OCV) method. The algorithm isolates each font character and uses a proprietary Adjustable Matching algorithm to inspect and validate the CIJ inkjet code.

Supports CIJ Fonts

Designed to work with dot-matric CIJ printer fonts.

Printer Compatibility

Works with any printer brand or technology – including thermal inkjet (TIJ), TTO, or Laser.

Adjustable Verification Matching

Advance system learning and assessment for human-like verification.

Conditional Grading

Easily adjust pass/fail grading criteria to prevent unnecessary rejections.

Advance Communication

Communicates with printer to change message verification parameters and supports calendar and count-up functions.

Camera and Lighting Options

A wide array of lighting and imaging lenses are available to meet your specific print application and environment.

Image Correction and Digital Filters

Easily filter out and adjust for external influences which might interfere with vision and verification.

Encoder Support

Reliably read and verify printed codes regardless of fluctuations in line speed.

Storage and Image Saving

The MC-20S records print verification results, times, and images for advance product traceability and reporting.

Easy Operation

The large 15″ color touchscreen is equipped with quick-start interface, multi-language support, and secure user management for intuitive operation.

Intelligent Print Verification and System Learning

Hitachi proprietary matching method enables provides human-like print verification easily adapts to inconsequential changes in the size and line thickness typically associated with CIJ dot-matrix characters and fonts. The Adjustable Matching logic easily adjust pass/fail validation to your printed code and unique tolerance. The vision and inspection system can intelligently adjust for slight variations in character size and tilt, which would otherwise be misread as a failed code by other image verification and OCR vision systems.

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Conditional Print Verification Grading

Each printing application results in anomalies associated the printed code.  Because of these changes, we have the ability to judge each character based on these anomalies and set unique pass/fail threshold unique to your specific requirements. This allows us to deliver verification system built for real-world conditions – allowing you to set your own print standards to eliminate unnecessary rework and downtime.

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Customized Inspection Cameras and Digital Filters

Digital vision filters and color cameras can be used to judge color differences that would not otherwise be identifiable by monochrome camera. The Hitachi print verification vision software can easily account for and eliminate challenges like poor contrast, reflections, and lighting issues. It can also digitally filter out unrelated ‘noise’ on substrate like pre-printed text, color variations, or packaging seams which would otherwise prevent reliable print verification.

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