Hitachi Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ ) are designed to provide manufacturers with the industry’s best value and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through three fundamental design principles: Reliability, Efficiency, and Ease of Use. Hitachi’s unwavering commitment to reliability ensures seamless operations, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. The advanced ink circulation system has been proven to dramatically reduce ink usage, thereby reducing operating expenses. 

Introducing Hitachi’s newest CIJ model, the UX2, where cutting-edge innovation meets the trusted legacy and reliability of Hitachi date coders. Packed with groundbreaking features like the Ink Guard, Safe-Clean maintenance station, and revolutionary print algorithms, the UX2 sets a new standard in industrial coding systems. Its unparalleled reliability and performance redefine industry expectations, offering unmatched value to manufacturers worldwide.

Hitachi UX2 CIJ Features - cij printer -

The patented Ink Guard reduces faults caused by ink build up and allows the printer to go three (3x) times longer between routine cleaning when compared to other printer models.

The Safe-Clean station automatically cleans the nozzle during start up or it can be scheduled to run intermittently to ensure off-line printers are in pristine condition and ready for action.

Unmatched Reliability

Hitachi CIJ printers are renowned for being extremely reliable in harsh environments. All functionally critical parts are manufactured in-house. The use of Hitachi’s own components reinforces the high quality levels, reliability and excellent value for money. Built to withstand the rigors of industrial manufacturing environments, from dusty production floors to wet wash-down environments, the HITACHI UX2 CIJ Printer offers reliable performance day in and day out.

  • Extended Up Time – The patented Ink Guard reduces faults caused by ink build up and allows the printer to go three (3x) times longer between routine cleaning when compared to other printer models.
  • Integrated Cleaning and Maintenance Station – Hitachi’s new Safe Clean station flushes, cleans, and dries the printhead with a single, automatic cycle.  This ensure the printer is ready to perform and eliminates the need for hazardous solvent and fumes on the production floor.
  • Component Level Repairs – Easily accessible and individually field-serviceable parts; as opposed to expensive, irreparable modular components used on other CIJ printers.
  • Extreme Pump Longevity -Hitachi’s unique diaphragm pump is the secret to their legacy as the most reliable printer. The life-time of a Hitachi pump exceeds 80,000 run-time hours before requiring maintenance.
  • IP-65 Rating – Designed for the harshest of environments, Hitachi industrial CIJ printers are guaranteed to operate in temperatures beyond 120 F, humid conditions, and dusty plants.
  • Durable Ni-Cr Printhead – Hitachi CIJ printer features an Nickel Chromium finish for additional wash-down protection by preventing corrosion due to caustic chemicals.
  • Tool-less Filter Replacement – Ink Filters can be replaced without the use of tools or a technician, resulting in virtually zero down time.  Additionally, Hitachi CIJ printers have the longest duration between scheduled maintenance; typically, over 4,000 hours.
  • Quick Change Connectors – The preconfigured I/O connectors allow you to easy move the CIJ printer to and from the production line, eliminating time consuming mistakes.
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Easy To Use

Recognizing the significance of the ‘human-element’ in your overall efficiency, Hitachi remains steadfast in developing easy-to-use printers with intuitive navigation, simple operation, and intelligent controls. Hitachi UX2 CIJ Printer delivers exceptional performance while alleviating unnecessary complexities.

  • Self-Cleaning – The Safe-Clean station automatically cleans the nozzle during start up or it can be scheduled to run intermittently to ensure off-line printers are in pristine condition and ready for action.
  • One Button Start/Stop – Automatic print head cleaning and self-diagnosis ensure smooth printer start-up and operation.
  • 10.4” Color LCD Touch Screen -This large and industrial HMI allows for easy navigation, simple message selection, helpful previews and intuitive menus for operators.
  • On Screen Guidance and Tutorials – Easily accessible troubleshooting guides and step-by-step tutorials allow operators to confidently address common issues and reduce downtime.
  • Icon-Based Display – An intuitive screen with icon based indicators allowing users to quickly identify machine status, and ink levels.
  • Scan-&-Shoot Message Selection – Never select the wrong date code or lot number again. Operators can easily and reliable select messages by use of optional barcode scanner.
  • RFID IC Security Card – Login information, message selection and print data can easily be managed directly at the CIJ printer with the use of this IC Card
  • Mistake Free and Spill Proof Fluid Refills – RFID Smart Bottle cartridges are scanned on the printer to eliminate the potential for loading expired or incorrect fluids.
  • No Hazardous Material or Waste – The Safe Clean maintenance station uses a sealed reservoir to capture all solvent for safe and easy disposal. The unique design of the Smart Bottle completely drains all the ink and solvent so you are not left with the headache of hazmat disposal.
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Ultra Efficient Ink Usage

With the UX’s unique pump speed control, advance circulation system and smart bottles, your operations will see a significant reduction in make up consumption, a 30% reduction on average, greatly reducing your Total Cost of Ownership and operating expenses. 

  • Pulse Recovery Technology – This unique re-circulation technique reduces contact with air – drastically reducing wasteful evaporation.
  • Motor Speed Control & Viscometer – An integrated temperature regulated motor speed control and dedicated viscometer provide precise control and maximized printing efficiency.
  • 30% Fluid Reduction – Hitachi’s advanced circulation system helps to make this the most cost-efficient continuous inkjet printer on the market. Savings on ink and additive allows our customer to reach payback within 2 years.
  • Zero Waste Ink Reservoir – Ink and makeup cartridges are good to the last drop and drain fully into their respective reservoirs. Complete fluid evacuation allows ink and makeup containers to be disposed of easily instead of incurring costly hazardous disposal expenses
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Advance Communications & Management

Beyond offering more standard communication networking options than any other inkjet printer, Hitachi coding equipment solutions provide manufacturers with a flexible platform designed for future growth without the need for middleware. Whether it’s enhancing connectivity or streamlining production processes, the UX2 empowers customers to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving industrial landscape.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) -Hitachi continuous inkjet printers are Industry 4.0 ready. In fact, Hitachi is undoubtedly a global leader in the IoT arena.  With decades of experience and deep expertise in both OT (operational technology) and IT – Hitachi is leading the way in developing data-driven smart manufacturing.
  • Software Defined Controller – In effect, the SDC is an intuitive way to communicate with our industrial printing system directly from your corporate ERP or other business system. This eliminates the need for of expensive or complex proprietary systems.
  • Modern Communication Protocols – By employing modern open protocols such as OPC-UA, the Hitachi continuous inkjet printer is ready for the upcoming Industry 4.0/IoT revolution. This open style data connectivity enables our industrial CIJ printer to be compatible with virtually any networked platform regardless of OS. In addition, the latest UX printers* come equipped with Ethernet/IP, OPC-UA, Modbus, and Serial RS-232. Hitachi is currently the first CIJ manufacturer to gain ODVA approval for Ethernet/IP.
  • Remote Printer Management – Hitachi Coding Software Suite (HCSS) is a software solution that enables users to remotely design messages and monitor Hitachi inkjet printers. This centralized dashboard automates the printing application which reduces operator errors, improves equipment visibility, and increases plant productivity.
  • Print Verification Vision System – Designed specifically for CIJ fonts, the Hitachi MC-20S Print Verification System goes far beyond other vision and inspection systems. The MC-20S inspects printed codes, validates the information, grades the readability, and records the results for reliable traceability and quality assurance. This intelligent system learns your acceptable grading criteria and uses a human-like logic to provide fast and reliable print validation for real-world applications.
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Take Your Product Marking and Coding to the Next Level with HITACHI UX2 CIJ Printer

Discover a new standard of printing excellence with the HITACHI UX2 Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printer. Experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency for all your marking and coding needs. Contact us today to learn more about how the UX2 can revolutionize your printing and coding operations.