Shrink Bundling Machine | Shrink Wrapper Machine

Shrink Bundling Machine | Shrink Wrapper Machine

We have partnered with Eastey to offer a wide range of industrial shrink wrappers, bundlers, L-sealers, and heat tunnels to meet nearly any application or budget. Proven reliable over and over again, Eastey’s system provide you with all the premium and industry leading value. Our machinery is designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for secure bundling and positive sealing with a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC.

Need a little guidance on whether you application is a better fit for Shrink Wrapping or Stretch Bundling shrink wrapper products? Contact us to get discuss your application or check out our blog article which dives in to the differences between the two.

Shrink bundling typically uses heavier gauge polyethylene film, products can be sealed in a loose unsupported package or sealed in trays or cases. This type of sleeve wrapping is often seen on multi-pack beverage products such as water bottles, trayed products, multi-pack consumer goods, cases that need extra security, and other larger products bundled in a group. Once the products are sleeved, they move down the conveyor to a bundling tunnel where the film shrinks, creating tight and secured products.


EB 25/35/50/70

Automatic Shrink Film Bundler

Eastey Shrink wrap bundler

Eastey’s automatic bundler’s are made in the USA, expertly welded on 1/4” cold rolled steel frames and designed to handle the day to day abuse of even the most demanding bundling applications. Each bundler utilizes two rolls of single wound film mounted on the same side of the machine and an upper and lower power film unwind for ease of use. Our systems easily integrate into existing packaging lines and require minimal training, little maintenance, and trouble free operation.

Models Include: EB25A / EB35A / EB50A /EB70A

EB25A Brochure 




Shrink wrapping is great for individual or small multi-pack items.  Like shrink bundling, products are usually wrapped using a tray or case if there are more than one product and then moved along the conveyor to a tunnel to be sealed.  Alternatively, L-bar sealers can be used without a heat tunnel to keep a loose wrap or bag.  We have a comprehensive range of L-bar sealers including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems  which accommodate a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene, or PVC.


Automatic L-Sealers Series

Fully Automatic L-Bar Sealer

Designed specifically for large or heavy products that need to be fully enclosed, Eastey’s Professional Series Automatic L-Sealers are constructed of expertly welded 1/4 cold rolled steel and designed to handle the day to day abuse of even the most challenging automatic sealing applications. The efficient automatic self centering seal system allows users to automatically seal product that is placed on the infeed conveyor for a consistent seal every time.

Automatic L-Sealers Brochure


ESA L-Sealer

Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealer with Pneumatic Assist

Eastey L-Sealer and BundlerThis is a hybrid, semi-automatic system which allows the operator to manual feed the product and automatically activate closure, heating seal, and product indexing with the press of a button. This is the ultimate bundling solution for line operators manually assembly kits or variety packs.

Pneumatic L-Sealers Brochure


L-Sealer Combo Series

Manual L-Bar Sealer with Integrated Shrink Tunnel

Eastey l-bar sealer with integrate shrink tunnelThe Value Series Combo Unit combines a rugged L-sealer and shrink tunnel on a common frame with one power source. This allows for quick setup, perfect alignment and consistent product sealing. A common base with casters makes this a very portable system for transportation within the plant

L-Sealers Combo Brochure (w/ Integrated Shrink Tunnel)



Shrink Tunnels

L-Sealer Shrink Tunnels

Eastey L-Sealer Professional Series Shrink TunnelThese shrink tunnels are designed to provide positive shrinking with thinner gauge polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC films commonly used with L-Bar sealers applications. Variable four-direction air flow, variable air velocity and delayed cool down are just some of the features that provide the durability you have come to rely on.

Shrink Tunnel Brochure (Performance Value)

Shrink Tunnel Brochure (Professional)


Heat Tunnels

Bundling Shrink Tunnels

Eastey Professional Series Bundling Tunnels for shrink wrap Built with 12 gauge cold rolled steel and designed to give you all the performance features needed for superior shrink wrap and a great finish. Bundling tunnels have a bigger tunnel opening and overall size when compared to shrink tunnels. The increased size is due to the larger heating banks in the tunnel required for thinker gauge polyethylene bundling films.

Bundling Tunnel Brochure (Performance Value)

Bundling Tunnel Brochure (Professional)