Baked Goods + Snack Foods

Bakery and Confection Packaging

Baked goods and snack foods come in a wide variety of packaging types including clamshells for fresh-baked goods to bulk bags, cartons, and stand-up pouches. Most manufacturers have a large number of SKU’s to manage and change-over is critical.  Packaging lines are fast, temperatures are hot, the environment is dusty,  and up-time is essential.  Pak-Tec has a complete product offering to keep your marking and coding crisp, your labeling reliable, and end-of-line packaging systems working in harmony.


Primary Product Marking & Date Coding

Hitachi Continuous Inkjet Printers

  • Hitachi RX-B Model Industrial Continuous Inkjet PrinterNon-contact printer ideal for contoured, ribbed or uneven packaging forms like clamshells, stand-up pouches, or bagged product
  • IP-65 rated & Positive Air Pressure to eliminate risk of dusty environments
  • Easily accommodate up to 300 print messages and print up to 6 lines of text

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High Resolution Printers for Packaging Film

FlexPackPRO TTO Printers 

  • High-Resolution printer ideal forThermal Transfer TTO date coding and print sample for baked goods printing a wide range of alpha-numeric, 2D codes, Barcodes or logos on to packaging film.
  • Perfectly integrate in to horizontal flow-wrappers and Vertical From-Fill-Seal baggers (V/F/F/S) so common in baked goods and snack food industry
  • Continuous & Intermittent Motion –
  • Large print area up to 5″ wide and 10″ long – perfect for ingredient panels

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Laser Marking Systems

Squid CO2 Laser

  • LASER MARKING FOR DATE CODING ON CARTONPermanently mark high-resolution in to cardboard or fiberboard cartons
  • Reliable coding solution for high-speed, high-volume packaging lines
  • Continuous & Intermittent Motion –
  • Large print area up to 5″ wide and 10″ long – perfect for ingredient panels

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Case Coding for Secondary Cartons

Foxjet ProSeries Printer

  • SNACK FOOD CASE CODERPrint 300DPI barcodes and variable, on-demand product information directly on to master carton
  • Large print height up to 4″ for customized logos and large barcodes
  • Perfect for co-packers, bakeries, or food manufacturers with a large number of SKUs or private-labeled products.

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Turn-Key Printing Stations with Integrated Feeders

Markoprint Thermal Inkjet Printer Station

  • Industrial date coder integrated on to feederHigh-Speed feeders with integrated Markoprint TIJ printers allow for offline print stations – perfect specialty baked goods or season items which are ran in smaller batches.
  • A wide variety of friction and vacuum easily accommodates common packaging baking industry including sleeves, fiberboard cartons, pouches, and sachets.
  •  The use of Hewlett Packard printer cartridges’ provide easy ink changeover and very little maintenance

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Print on Kwik Lock Bag Closure Tags

SquidInk CoPilot Printer Station

  • Kwik Lock Bag Closure tag with date code printerUV Curable printing system integrates with Kwik Locks Automatic Bag Closing Machine
  • Bakeries can now print variable information like date codes 2d Bar codes or suggested list price directly on the bag closure tab.
  • UV cured ink is permanent and instant

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Labeling for Rigid Plastic Containers

Primary Product Labeling

  • Easily label clamshells and tubs so common in the bakery and confectionary industry
  • Multi-side labels, partial 3-pannel wrap around, or full wrap around label sleeves
  • Integrated printing and laser systems for variable tracking information and date coding
  • Full product line to meet your application and budget



Secondary Labeling for Distribution Cartons

Print-&-Apply Labeling

  • Print-and-apply label machine for distribution barcodes and UPC CodesHigh-Speed reliable print-and-apply labelers
  • Unique applicators for Corner-wrap, Side, and Top apply applications
  • Custom enclosures with cooling systems – perfect for hot and dusty baking environments
  • All-Electric systems available – Increased flexibility and independence from plant air.

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Palletizing Cell with Integrated Stretch Wrapper

Save Floor Space with TopTier Concurrent Stretch Wrapping

  • TopTier palletizing and stretch wrapping systemBakeries can be crowded places, this concurrent wrapping system saves huge amounts of floor space and lowers overall end-of-line costs
  • The concurrent process, loads are stabilized during the palletizing process.
  • Catagory 3 safety keeps operators safe

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EcoStitch Hot Melt System

Valco Melton All-Electric Hot Melt System

  • Valco Melton EcoStitch Hot Melt Carton SealingReduce adhesive by 35-75 % using precision glue application and adhesive patterns
  • EcoStitch dot pattern increase  surface area of glue to improve bond and fiber tear
  • Significantly reduce Angle Hair and other app
  • Eliminate down time due to plugged nozzles or faulty solenoids

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