Meat + Poultry

Packing of meat trays

Meat and poultry processing is one of the most challenging environments.  It is cold, wet, and hard on equipment.  Regulatory demands, traceability requirements and short shelf life make marking, coding and packaging particularly critical. With constant pressures on production and overworked maintenance teams, meat and poultry producers need a date coding and end-of-line packaging solutions provider they can rely on.

Small Character Printing and Date Coding 

Hitachi Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printer

  • Hitachi Printting date code on tube of deli meatHigh-speed print – up to 3,173 characters per second
  • Non-contact printer is is perfect for wide variety of rigid tubs, wrapped trays and other film packaging styles including chubs, vacuum packs, bags, and pouches.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership to maximize meat packaging operations
  • Nickle-Chromium Print Head and IP-65 rated for wet environments or caustic liquids
  • FDA compliant Food Grade Inks & Thermochromic color-changing inks to indicate sterilization
  • Ultra-reliable inkjet print performance to maximize packaging uptime
  • Flexible date coding solution easily integrates on to existing conveyors, form-fill-seal, and vacuum pack systems.
  • Industry 4.0 Compliant & IoT Compliant
  • Intuitive controls and message selection

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High Resolution Printers for Packaging Film

FlexPackPRO TTO Printers 

  • High-Resolution printer ideal forFlexPackPRO TTO print sample on vacuum pack meat printing a wide range of alpha-numeric, 2D codes, Barcodes or logos on to packaging film.
  • Perfectly integrate in to Vertical From-Fill-Seal baggers (V/F/F/S) so commonly used in bulk bag packaging applications for frozen and prepared poultry, fish, and meat.
  • Traversing units available for multi-lane tray sealers
  • Continuous & Intermittent motion system
  • Large print area up to 5″ wide and 10″ long – perfect for ingredient panels or branded wholesale bags

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Laser Marking Systems

Squid CO2/Fiber Laser

  • Laser Marking Sample - CartonPermanently mark high-resolution codes on plastic trays, rigid tubs,  and  freezer cartons.
  • No ink – No mess or controlled substances
  • Quick change-overs, easy message selection, and limited operator intervention

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Case Coding for Bulk Boxes or Distribution Cartons

Foxjet ProSeries & Solo Series Printer

  • Case coding with FOXJETPrint 300DPI barcodes and variable, on-demand product information directly on to master carton
  • Large print height up to 4″ for customized logos, meat product information, and large barcodes
  • Internal heaters for cold packaging environments
  • Perfect for meat processing facilities who pack a large number wholesale meat or poultry  products

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Turn-Key Printing Stations with Integrated Feeders

Markoprint Thermal Inkjet Printer Station

  • Industrial date coder integrated on to feederHigh-Speed feeders with integrated Markoprint TIJ printers allow for offline print stations – chipboard sleeves for premium meat trays and  prepared foods.
  • A wide variety of friction and vacuum easily accommodates common packaging meat industry including tray sleeves,  pouches, and freezer cartons.
  •  The use of Hewlett Packard (HP) printer cartridges’ provide easy ink changeover and very little maintenance

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Product Labeling Systems

Top & Bottom Labeling for Trays, Tubs, and Vacuum Packs

C-Wrap Labeler

  • Easily accommodate top, bottom, top/bottom and partial C-wrapped label applications
  • High speed with integrated product handling precise orientation
  • Integrated printing systems for variable information and date coding
  • Full product line to meet your application and budget



Secondary Labeling for Distribution Cartons

Print-&-Apply Labeling

Secondary Carton Labeling

  • High-Speed print-and-apply labelers
  • Unique applicators for Corner-wrap, Side, and Top apply applications
  • Custom enclosures with heating systems – perfect for the cold and harsh environments of meat packing facilities
  • All-Electric systems available – Increased flexibility and independence from plant air
  • Integrated redundant systems to eliminate disruptions due to replacing labeling materials

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Pallet Labeling

Print-&-Apply Labeling for Pallets

Logopak Pallet Labeler

  • High-speed, multi-side pallet labelling: up to 240 pallets per hour
  • Apply up to three (3) pallet sides with single system
  • Full enclosure with temperature control to accommodate humid, wet, or freezer conditions
  • Advance 2 way communications and software to support internal database, error diagnosis,
  • Programable for stand-alone solutions or integrate into existing network
  • Integrated scanner for data/print verification
  • Optional RFID

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Meat Case + Tray Formers

Heavy-Duty Box Erector and Former

  • Case forming for protein and meat industryVertical hopper with vacuum pick and powered speed rollers
  • Hot melt applicators or tape heads available
  • Powder-coated finish with zinc plating on all wear surfaces (Stainless Steel Model Optional)
  • Fully enclosed safety shields
  • Wide range of protein case styles and box size including heavy duty boxes with reinforced corners
  • Custom builds available

RSC and Bliss Box Sealer

Heavy-Duty Fully Automatic Sealer

  • Klippenstein Case Sealer with hot melt glue systemRandom sealer for Bliss box and RSC protein boxes
  • Hot melt applicators or tape heads available
  • Powder-coated finish with zinc plating on all wear surfaces (Stainless Steel Model Optional)
  • Verticle and Horizontal crank screws for quick change over
  • Spring loaded rollers to compensate for irregular case width
  • Spring loaded compression bars for variable overpack conditions
  • Fully enclosed safety shields
  • Wide range protein case styles including heavy duty boxes with reinforced corners
  • Custom builds available with RPC pass-through

EcoStitch Hot Melt System

Valco Melton All-Electric Hot Melt System

  • Hotmelt Case SealingReduce adhesive on beverage cartons by 35-75 % using precision glue application and adhesive patterns
  • Jog modes easily allow variable line speeds and ramp up and ramp down
  • EcoStitch dot pattern increase  surface area of glue to improve bond and fiber tear
  • Low-profile adhesive guns easily integrate in to carton fillers, wrap-around case packers, and tray formers
  • Significantly reduce Angle Hair and improve downline operations
  • Eliminate down time due to plugged nozzles or faulty solenoids

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Palletizing Cell with Integrated Stretch Wrapper

Save Floor Space with TopTier Concurrent Stretch Wrapping

  • TopTier palletizing and stretch wrapping systemMeat processing facilities can be crowded places, this concurrent wrapping system saves huge amounts of floor space and lowers overall end-of-line costs
  • The concurrent process, loads are stabilized during the palletizing process.
  • Catagory 3 safety keeps operators safe
  • Cube Technology reduces film use by 30-50%

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Stretch Wrapping Systems

Full range of  semi-automatic and fully-automatic Pallet Wrappers

  • Robopac pallet stretch wrappersSolutions include turn-table, rotary arms, and high-speed orbital wrappers
  • Stainless Steal and Freezer packages available
  • Raised turntables reduce floorspace and reduced hidden areas for contaminants and bacteria
  • Patented Cube Technology reduces stretch film uses by 35-55%
  • Variable pre-stretch and nine (9) programable zones allows for perfect containment
  • Roping feature allow you to stretch wrap with bands to allow for dramatically faster chilling and eliminates condensation in freezer applications

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Robotic Stretch Wrapping

Portable Semi-Automatic S6 Stretch Wrapper

  • Robot S6Perfect solution for meat packers hand wrapping, hand picking mixed pallets, or who just have limited floor space.
  • Large touchscreen makes it easy for operator to select from 12 different wrap patterns/jobs. This accommodates different products and wrap requirements to ensure each load is secure and you not wasting film or time.
  • Operator guides robot to pallet, attaches film to pallet and hits go.  System automatically wraps pallet using variable height sensor and complete cycle with automated film cutter.
  • Freezer packages down to 20 F
  • Patented Cube Technology reduces stretch film uses by 35-55%
  • Roping function to help secure load to pallet and allow breathable wrap patterns

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