Integra PP RAZR

High-Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printer

The Integra PP RAZR is ideal for larger, non-porous printing and coding applications. The large 34 mm print height is a flexible coding solution for graphics, 2d codes and barcodes on difficult substrates like coated corrugate cases or films.

The Integra PP RAZR has two separate nozzle channels that are independently controlled for built-in redundancy. If nozzles fail, the second channel ensures that the printing and production is unimpacted. A built-in ink reservoir allows you to easily swap out ink cartridges while in operation to avoid any unnecessary downtime or interruptions.

With 600 dpi print resolution, this system is capable of printing perfect product data, barcodes and graphics on a wide range of porous and non-porous product and packaging substrates. The PP RAZR also support grey-scale printing for more advance logo and icon requirements. Barcodes and graphics remain crisp and picture perfect at higher speeds – print 300 dpi up to 490 ft/minute.

  • Large Print height of 34 mm (1.3 Inches)
  • Print 490 ft/min at 300 dpi
  • Up to 600 dpi Vertical, 900 dpi Horizontal
  • Small fonts from 1.5 mm and high-resolution graphics/logos
  • Grey-Scale printing supported for advance images
  • Compatible with Integra VIVID 7″ touchscreen display
  • Built-in redundancy with dual, independent print channels
  • Fast dry-time without UV light cure needed
  • Bulk 250 ML ink cartridges can be swapped out while printing