Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper 

Robopac Ecoplat turntable stretch wrapper

The Ecoplat is a turntable stretch wrapper that wraps up to 30 loads per hour. Comes standard with 110″ wrap height. This pallet wrapper is R-connect ready, which allows you to monitor and improve your packaging performance through remote assistance. It is available in the FRD version which has a panel LED display and a parameters selector by JOG.

Unique record-a-wrap feature to learn and store up to 20 programs. Film tension braking system spreads force out over a larger surface area resulting in a much smoother film delivery, eliminating the “jerking” movements that cause the film to break. The Ecoplat also comes Rconnect ready for advance monitoring and support.

Product SpeedTurntable SpeedFilm Width
30 Pallet / Hour4 – 10 RPM20″ Standard (30″ Option)
Turntable DiameterMax Load HeightMax Load Weight
65″110″4400 lbs