Rotary Arm stretch wrap machines are semi-automatic pallet wrappers designed to wrap pallet loads that are stationary, very light, very heavy, tall, unstable, or unusual in shape. These floor mounted stretch wrappers have require a small footprint and provide a lot of flexibility for different pallet loads.


Economical & Dependable Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

The Masterwrap HD XL is an affordable semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapping machine designed for unstable and heavy products. This stretch wrap system comes standard with the upgraded PGS film carriage with intuitive film path. This system is Industry 4.0 and R-Connect ready for advance monitoring and support.


Advanced Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper w/ CUBE Technology

Rotary 708

The semi-automatic system is one of the most innovative rotary arm stretch wrapper on the market. The patented roll carriage design combined with the ultimate flexibility of CUBE Technology allows you to wrap any load with any film with complete confidence. The intuitive, 7″ icon-driven touchscreen makes it easy to set up the parameters for wrapping each load. You control containment force, rotation speed, even roping and banding, at nine (9) customizable zones on each pallet load.


Premier Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

The Rototech stretch wrapper series features remote control and automatic film cut/clamp functionality which allows the fork truck operator to start and automatically complete wrap cycle while staying on the fork truck. This lift operators to use this time to stage other loads which improves productivity and safety. In addition, this rotary arm stretch wrapper includes the patented CUBE Technology which will reduce film usage by 30% to 55%, improve your load containment and reduce potential product damage.