Stretch Wrapper for Panels, Doors, and Windows

The Rotoplat 508 DW turntable stretch wrappers feature a unique product locking system designed for finished and semi-finished products in furniture, wood working, construction materials and any other application for flat panels. Optional Pluripac Delivery System applies foam/bubble wrap material at the same time as stretch film for additional product protection.

This specialty stretch wrapper has a choice of two product locking systems and the adjustable brackets allow you to easily accommodate panels and other flat products ranging between 1.5″ and 14″ in thickness.

All stretch wrappers in the Rotoplat series come standard with a 5 year warranty and is equipped with R-Connect for Industry 4.0 compatibility and system monitoring and complete control over predictive maintenance.

Product SpeedTurntable SpeedFilm Width
30 Product / Hour5 – 12 RPM20″ Standard (30″ Option)
Max Turntable DiameterMax Load HeightMax Load Weight
71″87″ (122″ Option)330 LBS