Turntable styled stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping stable pallet loads that weigh under 4,400 lbs. but can be upgraded for increase weight capacity. These semi-automatic systems are compact, space-saving machines capable of providing serious throughput with a minimum footprint. Turntable wrappers can easily be integrated with option scales, remote control functionality and pallet-jack ramps to meet any manufacturing or distribution needs.


Economical & Dependable Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Robopac Ecoplat turntable stretch wrapper

The Ecoplat is a turntable stretch wrapper that wraps up to 30 loads per hour. Comes standard with 110″ wrap height. This pallet wrapper is R-connect ready, which allows you to monitor and improve your packaging performance through remote assistance.


Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers with Optional Freezer & High-Capacity Options


The Masterplat is designed for customers wrapping 30 to 45 loads per day. It comes with productivity improving standards like a Self-Learning Wrap Program and advanced safety features. This turntable stretch wrapper was designed for a demanding environment. Additional options allow, the Masterplat to increase weight capacity to 5,500 lbs and a freezer package to perform in temperatures as low a -30C.

Rotoplat 708

Advanced Turntable Stretch Wrappers with CUBE Technology

Robopac Ecoplat turntable stretch wrapper

The Rotoplat 708 is the most innovative semi-automatic stretch wrapper in the market. Equipped with Robopac’s patented CUBE Technology, this semi-automatic stretch wrapper delivers Multi-Level Variable Containment and film control across nine (9) customized zone deliver ultimate flexibilty and a wopping 30% – 55% reduction in film use.

Rotoplat Stainless Steel

Stainless-Steel Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrappers

Ideal for wet or cold operations, these semi-automatic stretch wrappers have all the same features and CUBE Technology as the Rotoplat 708 but incorporates a 100% stainless steel construction to make this a high-performing stretch wrapper for the most demanding environments.

Rotoplat Low Profile

Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrappers with Pallet Jack Ramps

These low-profile, semi-automatic stretch wrappers are constructed with a thin turntable, only 1.18 inches thick, which prevents frequent accidental bumps with the forks of the forklift truck for easy loading. The configurable ramp design provides up to 270 degree ride-up or roll-up access for fork lifts or pallet jacks.

Rotoplat 508 DW

Stretch Wrappers for Panels, Doors, Windows, and Other Specialty Products

The Rotoplat 508 DW is a turntable stretch wrappers feature a unique product locking system designed for finished and semi-finished products in furniture, wood working and construction materials. Optional Pluripac Delivery System applies foam/bubble wrap material at the same time as stretch film for additional product protections.

Technoplat 708 CS/CW

Advanced Turntable Stretch Wrappers with Remote Film Clamp/Cut/Seal Cycle

Robopac Technoplat turntable stretch wrapper with automatic cutter and sealer

One of the most advance turntable stretch wrappers available, the Technoplat cuts and attaches the film tail to the load at the end of the wrap cycle for superior load containment, increased safety, and significant labor savings. On average, Technoplat 708 semi-automatic shrink wrappers saves two (2) minutes of labor per load by keeping the operator on the fork truck. For the average customer, this translates to labor savings of $29,000 over 5 years and $60,000 over the life of the machine!