Think all stretch film is the same? Guess again. We have a complete range of stretch film to match to you specific product, process, and application. We will work with you to maximize your pallet load containment, reduce product damage, meet sustainability goals, and keep your costs down.

High-Performance Stretch Film

Steelflex Xtreme is a high performance machine film with proven performance, regardless of gauge. The cost effectiveness and durability of this film make it a great choice for source reduction and cost competitiveness

55-Layer Stretch Film

Steelflex Nano is designed to provide the highest combination of stretch % and load containment. Extremely resistant to puncture and propagation, while performing on high-speed automatic wrappers

Vented Stretch Film

Steelflex Airforce Open Films offer breathable load containment with power bands that offer incredible strength and stabilization. Ideal for chilled/frozen products or any other products, like produce or eggs, which require airflow.

Reinforced Stretch Film

Steelflex Titanium utilizes the patent pending Power Bands. Extreme force will be applied to loads to contain heavy, awkward, and hard to wrap pallet loads. Excellent for replacing heavy gauge film and film reduction.

Biodegradable Stretch Film

These fully-automatic stretch wrappers are ideal for high-volume manufacturers requiring a high-speed, in-line stretch wrapping solution. With many models and options to select from, you can count on us to deliver reliable end-of-line automation for your unique product, process, and packaging requirements.

Eco-friendly Stretch Film

Designed for bundling and wrapping long, narrow products like lumber, windows, doors, furniture, wood panels, cabinets, extruded products, tubing, pipes, textiles, carpet, and other irregular sized products. Choose from one of our many semi-automatic or automatic horizontal stretch wrappers.

Steelflex Spectrum - Color stretch Film

Color Stretch Film

Steelflex Spectrum is available in 7 colors with a variety of specifications and formulations suited for machine and hand apply applications. Perfect for product concealment, tamper evidence and branding. Available in in black, white, red, blue, green, orange, and yellow.

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