Steelflex Bio

Biodegradable Stretch Film

Steelflex Bio is a 100% biodegradable stretch film. This revolutionary film now allows you to be eco-friendly and not compromise on your stretch film performance. The proprietary formulation features BioGlow, a unique resin additive which helps promote biodegradation by breaking apart the chain of polymers, helping to reintegrate it into the ecosystem. In laboratory test, biodegradation occurred in just 27 months.

  • High-quality stretch film with proven performance
  • Multi-Layer film for high puncture resistance
  • Consistent load-force containment
  • Quiet unwind and excellent clarity
  • Complete range of sizes and gauges for machine and hand apply
  • Perfect for high-speed stretch wrappers

BioGlow is a proprietary additive technology that makes polyolefin polymers, considered as non-biodegradable polymers, into Oxo-Biodegradable polymers. BioGlow is the only additive in the world to pass the strictest  SPCRR141 Biodegradability testing for PE and PP plastic materials. 

100% Biodegradable

The unique formulation promotes  continued and complete biodegradation resulting in a eco-friendly and sustainable material.


Fully recyclable and does not negatively impact the quality or use of the resulting recycled material

No Micro Plastics

Materials and polymer components continue to biodegrade for the entirety of the life eliminating potential for micro plastics.


Soil toxicity test prove that product does not contain any toxic heavy metals and is harmless to soil and plant life.

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