Steelflex Air Force

Vented Stretch Film 

Using the patented power-band technology, we weld braided bands across die cut stretch film to created a reinforced vented stretch film which maintains consistent load force containment and unbeatable strength. Other traditional vented films on the market used punched perforations to create smaller opening – not only does this limit breath-ability but it greatly compromises the strength of the film. While there are few other manufacture who offer reinforced vented films, they are not heat welded and easily separate causing load failures, snags, and challenges for stretch wrappers. The patented reinforcement band also allow you to pre-stretch our vented film pre-stretch up to 300% to provide better containment and reduce your film consumption.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduced load cost
  • Pre-Stretch up to 300%
  •  Lower environmental impact
  •  Ultra high performance film
  •  100% recyclable
  •  Ultra high clarity
  •  Premium puncture resistance
  •  Remarkable load retention

Ideal for:

Hot Filled Products – Vented film allows constant air flow and eliminate issues with condensation

Produce & Eggs- Keep your fresh food fresh with consistent airflow and ventilation. Now you can wrap the entire pallet to ensure proper containment and not worry about foods being stifled and spoiled

Chilled or Frozen Goods– Air Force vented stretch film doesn’t trap head and allows product to cool much faster saving valuable space, time, and energy

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