Steelflex Spectrum

Color Stretch Film

Steelflex Spectrum is available in 7 colors with a variety of specifications and formulations suited for machine and hand apply applications. Perfect for product concealment, tamper evidence and branding. Available in in black, white, red, blue, green, orange, and yellow.

Concealment – Eliminate theft or pilferage by concealing high-value products with a opaque and discrete stretch wrap.

Tamper Evidence – Color film is a great way to indentify if a pallet was rewrapped during transit due to mishandling or damage.

Product Identification – Easily identify products and finished inventory with vibrant colors you can spot from across the plant or at the highest pallet rack.

Inventory Dating – Easily identify production batches with designated colors to assist with FIFO inventory control, required product aging or in-process protocols.

Branding – Elevate your product branding and stand-out from the crowd with color wrapped pallets.


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