Steelflex Xtreme

High-Performance Stretch Film 

Steelflex Xtreme is a high-performance, multi-layer stretch film with proven performance. It is a versatile stretch film well suited for a wide range of products and applications.

Steelflex Xtreme is the most advanced down
gauge stretch film on the market. Steelflex Xtreme’s
new formula offers greater puncture and tear
resistance at razor thin gauges.

  •  Available in hand film and machine film options 
  • Versatile for all load applications
  • Stronger film with great cling
  • Exceptional puncture and tear resistance
  • Excellent clarity and appearance
  • Quiet unwind
BrandItem #InchesGaugeFtLbs/RollRolls/PalletLbs/Pallet
Steelflex XtremeAPPM2060OP19.743900030.5401220
Steelflex XtremeAPPM23060OP29.543900045.720914
Steelflex XtremeAPPM2070OP19.751800032.2501610
Steelflex XtremeAPPM3070OP29.551800048.1251203
Steelflex XtremeAPPM2080OP19.759500023.2501160
Steelflex XtremeAPPM2080OP29.559500034.825870
Steelflex XtremeAPPM2080OPS519.763500024.8501240
Steelflex XtremeAPPM2080OPS719.763700034.8401392
Steelflex XtremeAPPM3080OPS529.563500037.225930
Steelflex XtremeAPPM2090OP19.770600033.1401324
Steelflex XtremeAPPM2090OP29.570600049.620992
Steelflex XtremeAPPM20100OP19.780500031.5401260
Steelflex XtremeAPPM30100OP29.580500047.220944
Steelflex XtremeAPPM20115OP19.790500035.5401420
Steelflex XtremeAPPM30115OP29.590500053.1201062

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