The Need:

Giroux’s Poultry Farm was using traditional mechanical stampers to date their egg cartons. Their operators were averaging two house per day aligning and cleaning the print stamps, but still experienced poor print quality. This downtime limited their production capacity and the alignment process resulted in significant carton waste. In addition, the stampers were unable to detect if the carton had failed to close properly resulting in additional carton waste and repackaging time and costs.

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The Solution:

After a in plant trial, Giroux was impressed with the cost savings, reliability, print quality, and ease of use,replacing all their existing stampers with Hitachi industrial ink jet printers.

The Result:

Hitachi CIJ printers were able to reduce the operating costs by 43% through more efficient ink use and reduced up-time. In addition, print quality was drastically improved and carton waste was completely eliminated.

“The Hitachi RX-Series has been a great printer and I would recommend it to anybody.” – Dale Gadway, Lead Technician at Giroux Poultry Farm

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