The Need:

Kraft Foods implement a faster 8-cup filling system and needed a industrial coding solution to provide a reliable and high quality date code for a fill-close-label application capable of reaching a 55 traverse cycles per minute.

The Solution:

Kraft foods performed a head-to-head test of various date coders and found that Hitachi’s industrial coding system outperformed the field. The RX-SD160W was installed on the the parent Machine [Waldner Dosomats] and Kraft Foods achieved the higher traverse speed, fill reliability, and optimal print quality that it required.

The Result:

The Hitachi industrial inkjet printers not only increased output but reduced monthly maintenance costs by 91% and reduced cost of printing fluids (ink & additive) by 61%. The Hitachi RX-SD160W performed perfectly, clearing way for Kraft Foods to upgrade to a more efficient, reliable traverse-fill process.  As a result, the Hitachi industrial inkjet printers became Kraft Food’s standard for its improved traversing applications.


“We needed the Hitachi inkjet to perform faultlessly to give Kraft Foods the certainty to adopt it as the standard for the new traverse-and-fill process.  Hitachi came through brilliantly.”

  • Jeff Johnson, Kraft Foods Coporate Engineer


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