The Need:

Due to business expansion, Sanders Candy turned to Hitachi’s industrial inkjet printers for a better product date coder than their current laser and thermal transfer printers could provide.  Sanders Candy was thrilled with Hitachi’s performance; it performed flawlessly through the holiday peak production.


The Solution:

The Hitachi RX-S industrial inkjet printers were integrated into Sanders Candy’s new and existing production line where they use the date coder interchangeably on glass, plastic, individual wrapped chocolates, tins, and carton packaging.


The Result:

The Hitachi industrial inkjet printers gives Sanderson Candy a cost-effective date coding alternative to expensive thermal transfer ribbon.  “We not only save $465 monthly per unit, this change also saves us two shutdowns a day to replace the thermal ribbon,” says Mike Koch of Sanders. “That’s four minutes a day at up to 120 units per minute.  Not only does it keep our production running more smoothly, we get an extra 240 to 480 units per day out of the line.”

“…we liked it so much, and it’s so easy to set up, that we tried it on all our production lines. We’re going to replace a competitive printer with it, as well.”

– Mike Koch Jr – Sanders Candy, Director of Facilities


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