The Need:

Stony Creek Brewery needed a product marking solution for their  sizeable craft beer canning operation. Explosive growth outpaced the capabilities of their previous printer. Stony Creek Brewery needed printer capable of 3-lines code which could integrate into their existing line just before the rinse station, a system that could operate in wet environment, and could easily accommodate change-over between their 12- and 16-ounce cans.

The Solution:

Leaning on prior experience with another brewery, the plant manager convinced Stony Creek leadership to invest in a Hitachi industrial printer because it would stand up to their unique needs. Then they consulted the experts at Hitachi, who provided on-site guidance through the implementation of a Hitachi UX-D160W model.

The Result:

The Hitachi inkjet printer has met speed and clarity demands, while eliminating the expense of stickers and downtime of their previous printer. The can size changeover has been quick and toolless.


“I worked with Hitachi at another brewery in the past. I had my mind set that it was going to be a Hitachi printer coming in here.”

  • Jay Kendig, Director of Operations at Stony Creek Brewery


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The Company:

Step through the doors and you’ll quickly see how the people of Connecticut-based Stony Creek Brewery live out both elements of their “Aggressively Laid-Back” mantra. On one side, they’re good guys and gals committed to producing creative, high quality beer in a relaxing space that hosts 350,000 visitors per year. On the other side, they’re experienced professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs who have taken the business from 8,000 barrels to 23,000 barrels within three years.

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