VIAjet™ V-Series

Industrial Drop-On-Demand (DOD) Inkjet Printer

The VIAjet™  V-Series is the ideal drop-on-demand inkjet marking and coding solution where reliability is critical. Whether you need to print distribution cartons, bags, construction materials, steel, pipes, lumber, tires, or any other type of material, the V-Series DOD printer has you covered.

The VIAjet V-Series™ drop-on-demand valve jet printheads offer incredible print quality in flexible configurations and feature one of the fastest speeds
in the industry.

Your large or small character marking needs on cardboard, metal, paper and pulp, wood, concrete, plastic, and many other substrates are handily met at the speed your production line requires with the V-Series DOD printer. Offering the longest lasting printheads in the industry with over 9-billion firings per printhead and speeds up to 780 ft/min (240 m/min), our V-Series gives you unparalleled performance. Native printing ranges from 3/32″ (2.38mm) to 5″ (127mm) while resolution can altered by tilting the printhead. If you need really large marking, printheads can be stacked to achieve branding on 72″ (1828mm) stacks of plywood and more.

Thanks to precision valves set in its stainless steel printhead faceplate, it provides unbeatable efficiency and a lower cost-per-mark – saving you money while keeping up with your production needs. With flexible mounting over, under, or beside your production line, this easy to install marking powerhouse is an integral part of your workflow. Plus, its rugged design makes it ideal to meet the demands of extreme environments from fast moving carton marking to building products, steel, lumber, uncured rubber – you name it! Get unmatched efficiency and speed out of your production line today – trust the V-Series for a worry free experience every time.


  • 9 billion cycles before tuning, outlasting any other DOD printers
  • Runs up to 780 ft/min (240 m/min) for high-speed productions
  • Excellent performance with inks formulated with aggressive fast-dry solvents
  • Handles pigmented ink marking without typical clogging issues
  • Fast start-up without purging, and easy color changeover
  • High-performance inks engineered for your application
  • Flushing valve system for easy maintenance


Known for incredible longevity in the harshest industrial environments, our Drop-on-Demand (DOD) printers deliver increased uptime on your production line. This improved uptime translates to real dollars to your bottom line, increases production efficiency, and contributes to your Overall Equipment Effectiveness goals. A choice of 7, 16, or 32 valves with mini, midi, and maxi nozzle options for each, the V-Series is the ideal choice for your large or small character marking needs.


You get unmatched flexibility with a choice of three different valve and nozzle options for each printhead, giving you exactly what you need to print the mark required on your substrate. Advanced nozzle design delivers precise marking while enhanced nozzle activation reduces ink consumption and yields an open time advantage during non-printing periods. The V-Series can be mounted over, under, or beside your production line, delivering ultimate control without changing your line.


The V-Series is engineered to give you years of performance in your industrial environment. Whether you need to print lot codes on bags of cement on an overly dusty conveyor, point-of-sale data on stick lumber with sawdust in the air, thickness measurements on hot stainless steel as it comes out of processing, or regulatory data on uncured rubber, our V-Series printheads are up for the challenge. Precision machined faceplate nozzles decrease the risk of ink drying during idle times, easy maintenance with built-in and automatic cleaning and flushing valves, and over 9-billion firings per printhead all deliver the utmost in reliability.

Easy to Use

Ease of use is built in. The V-Series delivers high-quality drop-on-demand inkjet printing in user-friendly hardware. Ink supply systems can be varied to meet your cost requirements as well as your production runtime needs. Cleaning is much easier with the automatic built-in flushing valve system. Printheads can be added to your line as needed with the power of MPERIA, you can seamlessly scale for production growth or adapt to line changes as needed.

Industrial marking

V-Series printers are ideally suited for your challenging industrial environments. Whether you need to mark regulatory information on steel, retail branding on plywood, traceability data on product cartons, and anything in-between, our DOD printers give you unmatched reliability for years of production.